Fitness Mistakes to avoid during Valentine’s Day

Well, the red hearts have been everywhere since the end of December and that reminds us that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Hence, maximizing the romance factor is what we all need at this moment. While, you are busy planning that perfect date, and that perfect flowers for your special one, here are some health and fitness tips, we bring for you, to keep you guys going this Valentine’s Day-

– Start your day with a Great Breakfast

It’s true to say that you are, what you eat for Breakfast. And a good, powerful breakfast is all that is needed to have a great day ahead. It not only influences your overall health but also takes care of your blood pressure levels and mood swings throughout the day. Make sure to give yourselves, a little time and thinking into your breakfast planning and eat a well balanced, healthy Breakfast. At any cost, do not skip your breakfast!!

– Avoid sugars

Overdoing sugars on a special day can interfere with your blood sugar levels and can cause you to have abrupt energy levels. It will lead you to build more fat and It can lead you to, feeling fatigued and exhausted by the end of the day. You don’t want your Valentine’s evening to end that way.

– Eat more greens

Although, you must have heard this 100 times already, pack a whole bunch of fresh greens in your diet. Go for spinach, kale, cucumbers, green leafy salads etc. This will keep you feeling light and refreshed and will prepare you well for your special day.

– Stay well hydrated

The worst thing you can do to yourself on Valentine’s Day is to keep yourself dehydrated. You don’t want your body and brain to be deprived of the oxygen levels and minerals that they require to function well. Dehydration can lead to unnecessary fatigue and can increase the stress level hormones in your body. You don’t want that when you have a planned date or anytime else either.

– Include a great morning workout in your day

A morning workout is ideal because the cortisol levels are the highest in the morning and it is a good thing to burn these stress levels and use them to burn fat stored in your body. And it is best to include a power-packed workout to start your day, on a high energy note. This will boost your metabolic rate and will keep you set for the rest of your day.

With these fitness tips, Valentine’s Day will be a fantastic, and obviously, romantic one!!

With inputs from Ms Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach, Nutritionist, and founder of MY22BMI