“Helllo Jee is about a phone dating operator. It emphasizes the importance of independence for women.” – Nyra Banerjee

ALTBalaji is gearing up to release its newest dramedy Helllo Jee with the trailer release that is out now.


The excitement about the show is real. With the trailer, ALTBalaji announces the much-awaited show launch date being 1st February 2021. Helllo Jee talks about women finding each other amidst the numerous challenges that each of them faces and how they support and uplift each other. Laughter filled moments and suspense and fun-filled sequences all make for a great watch. The very talented Nyra Banerjee is essaying an important character ‘Angelina’ who is the main character in the story. Making a debut in the OTT space with Helllo Jee and coming from a military background Nyra gives us more insights on the show in an exclusive conversation.

Tell us about ‘Helllo Jee’

As the name suggests a lot, it introduces my personality through the phone where I am speaking in different languages. It is beautifully a contrived show which has emotions, action, a tinge of intimacy, and a lot of things happening all at the same time. It has suspense, thriller, entertainment, and everything. Most importantly it is the journey of an independent woman and how she empowers other women around her to be responsible and independent.

Tell us something about your character Anusheela Gupta

My character Anusheela Gupta is a badass who is self-christened as ‘Angelina’, a ‘Phone Dating operator’. She is not some damsel in distress as she knows her way to get out of any mess smoothly in this edgy tale. Anusheela is all set to show all the women, through this edgy, tale of love, fear, and desires, that the ‘Only way out of fear is through it’. She is someone who has seen too much at a very young age. Also, I belong to a military background and I have learned to adapt to different situations, places, and languages; Hence I resonate with my character Anusheela Gupta a lot as she knows how to fit in and also snap out of it.

What made you say yes to the show? 

The concept of the show and storyline was very different and exciting, for which I have been dying to get something that will excite me mentally. This show has so much layering for my character and it keeps me on my toes all the time. It has also given me a chance to perform better, and the strong and edgy storyline adds to all of it.

What are your thoughts on the concept of ‘Helllo Jee’?

The concept itself is great. We are exploring those areas of society that aren’t spoken about. Helllo jee is a story of a ‘Phone Dating Operator’ who is on the run from her past and ends up emancipating a bunch of struggling women in a quaint township. It shows important values and teaches the importance of independence for women.

How did you prepare for the part?

I didn’t prepare anything for the part, frankly, I just drew from my experiences and emotions and delivered. I worked on my voice modulation skills. 

How is your experience shooting with the co-stars? Did you shoot any intimate scenes with them?

Our director, Vishal has been very co-operative and motivating. He is so good at explaining the vision which truly helped me deliver the role. My co-actors are made for their roles, their energy and co-operation altogether makes it all so beautiful and amazing. I’m so thankful to Ekta Kapoor and ALTBalaji for giving us this opportunity to showcase our talents.

Do you think after playing the role of a Sexy Boss on Star Bharat’s Show ‘Excuse Me Madam’ you’re getting typecast into getting bold roles? 

I don’t think so, even though the role was such, the concept was different, that was a comedy. This is, I’m not wearing revealing clothes or showing skin, this is entirely my emotions that the audience connects with. It’s her portrayal of mental stimulation that the audience would react to.

You have worked with Sunny Leone for the ‘One Night Stand’ movie… How does it feel to be reuniting with her for ‘Helllo Jee’?

I was recently offered a show with Sunny, I couldn’t do it because I was shooting for Helllo Jee. I so wish we could have done some scenes together but she is very sweet and an amazing person.

What are your expectations from ‘Helllo Jee’?

Honestly speaking in this industry, we have to lose expectations altogether and just be part of the show as if you have produced, directed, and owned it. This Entire show revolves around ‘Angelina’ and how she helps women achieve their dreams. I think women will enjoy this and men will surely enjoy this show even more. I hope the audience will love it.

What is your take on the term ‘Womance’?

Bromance has always existed but Womance is fun, personally, I don’t have a lot of women friends and I really enjoy meeting these new women.

Tell us about your upcoming projects apart from ‘Helllo Jee’

You will hear about them soon, but until then stay tuned to Helllo Jee only on ALTBalaji.

Would your audience see you playing Ukulele in the show?

Unfortunately no, I haven’t really mastered the skill yet, I need a lot of practice but maybe someday in some show, you never know…