Make 2019 a year of Travel

Travel resolutions for 2019

With a new year right around the corner, we, as a race, will be making resolutions. Make 2019 a year of travel. So, here are some travel resolutions for the year:

Give yourself some Travel Allowance

In 2019, let us take a step further ahead and gift ourselves a fixed travel allowance (TA) every month. While a number of salaried people have it as a part of their pay, skip all that paperwork and planning and cut off a tiny portion of your pay every month. An amount good enough to give you a trip every three months seems like an easy and great start.

Travel alone

Yes, humans are social animals, and there is little joy in staying aloof. Yet, the thrill of a lonely road that also has to be tread alone is not to be missed. Get away on a whim this year, do not ask for company or help in planning one. You will come back feeling more independent than ever, stronger than ever. Calm is a superpower, experience it.

Leave your camera home

Go on a trip that has nothing to offer to Instagram or any other social media channel, leave your cameras and phones home. Let it be an old-school trip that is best spent in roaming the mountains, laying on the beach, dozing off under stars, or one of those jungle safaris. Soak it all, let your eyes feast, camera lenses can wait. Better still, leave your laptops too.

We are advocates of self-care and believe that there is more to it than salon sessions. Make 2019 a year of travel, because most of the other things in life can wait. Well, travel can wait too, but we believe that all good things should be grabbed before they lose their sheen.

With Inputs from The Times of India