My biggest achievements during my journey were my happy customers, say Manisha Chopra

A stellar nutritionist, dietitian and fitness expert, Manisha Chopra
Manisha Chopra, a stellar nutritionist, dietitian and fitness expert

A stellar nutritionist, dietitian and fitness expert, Manisha Chopra believes that when one is sincere and disciplined to eat right and exercise regularly, then the body can function optimally and undergo enhanced physical, mental and emotional state of affairs. As a Nutritionist, she has assisted a number of clients towards a fruitful lifestyle, through easy dietetic and lifestyle alterations. Her sole design is to utilize her knowledge and skills acquired via her education and real-life experiences to enabling her clients in leading healthier lives. Manisha customizes on planning nutrition in combination with physical exercise as everybody is different. She makes it a point to accentuate quality nutrition choices for added health benefits. Her biggest support system is her husband who always pushed her to pursue her dreams and be a better version of herself each day.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview where Manisha unfolded her entrepreneurial journey with HelloPost Team on the occasion of International Women’s Day:

  • What motivated you to start your own venture?

During the birth of my first child I gained 32 kgs and started to feel uncomfortable, I hated the way I looked and wanted a change. I joined a gym and started to work out regularly under the guidance of gym instructors but I was not satisfied with the results and was not able to see a positive change. So, I took it upon myself to find a fitness solution so that I can get positive results. I went out on a quest to search for the perfect fitness regime which suits me and my body and yields positive results and helps me in having a positive outlook towards life.

  • What were the challenges that you’ve faced while starting  your own venture?

As you all might know, being a women entrepreneur in this industry is tricky and filled with challenges, initially, no one really takes you seriously and have made it a fully male-centric profession. It is considered a less fruitful and less satisfying profession and men are often known to take undue advantage of female instructors. I had to overcome this struggle slowly but steadily to make a name for myself and stand for myself in order to showcase to the world who I truly am. 

  • Which was the moment in your journey when you felt that it’s not working but still you didn’t lose your hope and kept it going?

Not getting enough recognition initially and the constant pressure to make a name for me was a major setback, what motivated me through all highs and lows was the constant support of my husband and a few words of praise from my clients. When my clients praise me for my work and I get to know how beneficial I was for them, that truly makes it all worth it. There is nothing better than getting to know if I added value to someone else’s life, I really wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

  • What was the biggest achievement during your entrepreneurship journey?

My biggest achievements during my journey were my happy customers. It is truly satisfying to know that I could add value to someone else’s life. I am proud of myself for what I have achieved till date. Some of my achievements include being a certified – sports nutritionist, fat loss expert, keto expert. Also, I am a certified nutritionist from GFFI, GCE and many other universities.

  • How do you maintain a good work-life balance and mental health?

For me the key to maintain a good work life balance and mental health simultaneously is to just ignore all the negativity that comes my way and to just focus on all positive aspects and to keep growing and moving forward. Regular meditation and an organic diet keep my mind fresh and away from negativity. My parents, kids and my family has been a constant source of motivation and they have always been with me through thick and thin and have supported me in following my passion no matter what.

  • Who is your role model?

It has to be my husband who has forever been my pillar of strength and my true companion in every situation of life. Not just my partner, he’s my true friend. Whatever I am today could’ve never been possible without his constant support and motivation. All credit goes to him for shaping me into the person I really am today.

  • What is your secret to success?

I have constantly believed in myself and my hard work, there were many factors/ people always trying to pull me down but instead of getting disheartened, I worked on my weaknesses so that I can convert them into my strengths. Never listening to anyone but my heart has been a success mantra for me throughout this journey, it has helped me in gaining immense confidence and to feel wonderful about myself.

  • What’s one leadership lesson that you’ve learned in your career?

There is nothing that a woman can’t conquer. Just always keep working hard and believe in what you do and keep taking positive strides in the right direction. This way there is nothing one cannot achieve and there is just a mere difference between you and success.

  • What are your future plans?

I would love to be one of the most prominent fitness trainers of the country and be recognised by name, also I would like to feature one a few billboards as a fitness model. I would like to conquer this field and work even harder to achieve my future aspirations.

  • Any advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

There is nothing a woman can’t do or achieve. In fact, in today’s age and time women are often found to be more competitive and better than men in various different aspects of life. The challenges faced by women in various different aspects of life makes them a stronger version of themselves. A female trainer is often very highly regarded because their work is more efficiently seen and are considered as more sincere, dutiful and dedicated towards their work.

  • Anything else that you would like to add.

My advice to one and all is to keep moving forward, target on being the better versions of yourself by each passing day, believe in yourself and work on your weaknesses even harder to convert them into your strengths. Do what pleases you, whether it is in any field, a positive attitude and positive commitment always yields great results!!