Top 5 secrets you must know about Digital Marketing

More than 50 per cent of marketers consider digital marketing as an essential part of their advertising strategy. That’s because more than half of the world’s population is online. For marketers, this is a great deal. If done properly, advertisers can tap into their online audiences, provided that they know where to look and how to connect with them.

Whether you hire a marketing firm or DIY your online advertising tactics, moving your marketing to digital will move mountains for your business. For one, digital marketing is more targeted. With the use of analytics, advertisers can narrow-down their online ads and invest only in quality ads that get the most conversions.

Secondly, digital marketing is cost-efficient. Unlike traditional advertising such as billboards, wherein you have to pay for advertisement space with hefty fees, online advertising is more affordable. Plus, advertisers will have the option to control their budget due to budget optimization features. Last but not least, digital marketing is for every business out there.

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or large corporation, the online space is a channel where every business meets on level ground. Small businesses can level the playing field with other more prominent businesses.

But now that we know the obvious benefits of digital marketing. Let’s dig deeper into the secrets that more advertisers and entrepreneurs don’t know about digital marketing. Here are five:

1. Graphic design importance

When advertisers think of digital marketing, Facebook, Instagram, or Google first pops up in their minds. Then they think of excellent copywriting to lure their audiences down to the bottom of the sales funnel.

However, what some advertisers and entrepreneurs don’t know is that one essential key for online advertising to be successful is—graphic design. Visuals play a significant role in your online advertisements because humans are innately visual creatures. But more often than not, this is overlooked. By investing in professional graphic designers, you’re setting up your digital marketing strategies to success.

2. Search intent is essential

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a facet of digital marketing. It’s also known as “organic traffic.” SEO doesn’t work without keywords. When these keywords are integrated properly into your content, it will rank on the first pages of search engines.

But another SEO metric that will gauge your content’s relevance is search intent. Your content or keywords should cater to the user’s intention of typing those on search engines.

3. Affordable paid advertising

When advertisers want to save on costs, they opt for SEO. That’s because they think that paid advertising such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is expensive. However, you can rank your online ads over other ads that pay for a higher cost per click.

Other factors such as ad rank and quality of your landing pages and other online ads will impact your rank on search engines.

4. Branding consistency

Branding is essential in every business. Without establishing your branding, you’ll never distinguish yourself among your competitors. And what some advertisers neglect is continually showcasing your brand identity to customers by using your brand style guide. Through branding consistency, you’ll establish top-of-mind awareness among your target market.

5. Storytelling sells

Everyone loves good old storytelling. This is ingrained in us since we were children. And brands can leverage from this by integrating good storytelling in their online advertisements. Storytelling is also one way to engage with your target audience, provided that you show them compelling visuals and copy.

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Authored by Eliza Brooks. She loves to write about travel, technology, and more.