Wedding trends post COVID-19

“Less is more” and this is the new wedding mantra post-COVID. The extravagant and big fat Indian weddings will be swapped with minimalistic ideas. A blessing in disguise for couples who always wanted a smaller and intimate wedding with social distancing being the new norm. Keeping in mind health and safety yardsticks and rethinking the guest experience, the wedding industry post-COVID will have a new picture. Weddings will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm but unquestionably in a completely different way. Though most wedding across the globe is either on hold or being postponed, there are couples for whom love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. These are desperate times and calls for desperate measures, One of the renowned matchmaking Wedding from the home initiative has facilitated many virtual weddings. With limited access to shopping and travel restrictions, Couples are coming up with creative ideas to dress and get married virtually with their families and friends in attendance via video call. Wedding dates are of immense importance in India, so many are looking for alternatives to avoid an indefinite wait. 

Albeit the wedding business has taken a major hit, much like other sectors, but photographers can bloom with creativity while there are fewer people to disturb. Minimalism is beautiful and photographers will love it. However, this screeching halt to the industry is for the moment. Once the lockdown is over, many couples will tie their knot but then again, the ways will be different. Precautionary measures will be of utmost importance during the wedding arrangements in the post-pandemic era. Though people are eagerly waiting to socialize again, in the world of heightened cautiousness, they will be skeptical about attending mass gatherings. The below precautionary tips and measures will play a key role in the aftermath of the virus.

Hygiene standards

Impeccable hygiene standards for the guest from entry to exit is a binding. Installation of sanitization stations at the entrance with temperature reading will be mandatory. Venue owners may install sanitization fans to guarantee safety at all times without any manual effort. To ensure the safety of the Bride and groom, apart from the venue hygiene, the make-up artist and photographers’ team should also follow standard hygienic procedures during operation.

Wedding Venues go local & virtual

Air-conditioned marriage halls will no longer be in demand. The fear of catching COVID via airflow in centralized AC rooms is taking us back in time when open venues with big pedestal fans to beat the heat were the only resort. Open-air venues will also ensure plenty of space, helping people to maintain social distancing. Instead of a destination wedding, local weddings will be a new trend post-COVID. Due to restrictions on travel most relatives will be a part of the celebration virtually. The wedding planners and venue operators must be equipped for the live streaming of the celebration. It is always advisable to check with the local authorities for guidelines before planning your big day.

Hair and make up

Mask being the new normal, makeup trends has also evolved. More focus will be on the eye and creative hairstyles while the lips remain covered. Since the bride comes in close proximity with the makeup artist, proper and thorough sanitization of the team and makeup tools is critical.

Guests by shifts

To ensure social distancing guidelines are followed, guests can be invited in shifts. Guests can have designated areas to avoid overcrowding. With shift weddings in place, couples might not have to change their initial guest list. The wedding planners will have to chalk out the plan for happy and safe celebrations post the pandemic.

Foods and beverages

The lavish buffet-style in Indian weddings is about to change too. Since it is difficult to maintain social distancing and hygiene standards in the buffet-style, a sit-down plated meal will be preferred to avoid long queues and crowds. Needless to say, if one opts for the buffet style, line marking to maintain 6 feet distance is important. The procedure to prepare food and service will be of great importance too and stringent safety precautions will be followed to ensure that the raw materials are sourced from trustworthy suppliers who maintain cleanliness. Menus will be digital and we are going to see a shift to a wellness-oriented food section. 

Post-COVID cultures

Back to the era of namaste. Handshakes and hugs will no more be a part of any celebration. Exchange of gifts maybe opt-out instead people may prefer to transfer money via digital platforms to bless the newly-weds.

We are continually evolving and adapting to the changing circumstance, but the desire to celebrate the union of love with loved ones is constant. With strict implementations of new guidelines for large gatherings, the global wedding industry is broadening their horizons and embracing technology for future wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile, stay home, get educated on the rules laid by the government, and plan a safe wedding.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of HelloPost.)

Contributed by Taher Husain- Founder & Photographer, Amour Affairs.