5 ways how men can support their female colleagues

With the recent rise in reporting of workplace inequality, sexual harassment and bias more and more women are feeling empowered to take charge against the workplace troubles than ever before. However, the working women’s issues ultimately won’t make much progress until a joint effort is made by their male counterparts. For equality to genuinely be the new workplace norm, the role of men is vital.  Backing from the male colleagues can go a long way to help and make the change happen. Doing right by women in the workplace is not only treating them with respect, but it also demands not isolating or ignoring women at the workplace. Both men and women should be provided with equal opportunities to excel.

Don’t involve a woman’s personal life into professional decisions

A lot of times it has been noticed that women are excluded from the very list for a promotion or honour just because it’s assumed that women cannot cope with the added responsibility at work and the consequent family demands. However this should not be the case, the people in a position to promote employees, should act and decide on bases that are identical for both the male and female candidates. We can be sure that no man ever has been denied a promotion or a pay hike just cause he is on his way to be a father. Men need to comprehend that they cannot just take away opportunities from women on their assumptions, women should be granted the entirety of what they deserve.

Be cautious of workplace harassment

Any employee even though he may not be a harasser but not acting or intervening where he should take a stand for women has played an indirect part in harassment. Therefore, men must play an active role in preventing, reporting and highlighting such scenarios in which harassment occurs. If a woman feels backed in such situations by her male counterparts, it aids her to take a stand for herself and not just keeping quiet about it. The workplace needs to have a safe and comforting environment that leads to the productivity of the employees as well. Not only statements but actual stringent laws and training about zero tolerance needs to be put into place.

Adapting and Supporting flexible-work policies

Offering a flexible work option to the employees is the most effective way to create a workplace gender balance between the employees. However, flexible work will never become an effective or realistic option until and unless men expressly support it.  Men need to swap times with women in accordance with their needs ( it could be their monthly periods, nobody to take care of the baby). the change here should start right with the top male management setting the right example for the subordinates to follow. Basically, a flexible work-style arrangement can be beneficial to both men and women to better balance their domestic and professional commitments.

Clear and fair Communication

Commanding the discussions and filling the room has always been the stereotypical male communication style, whereas the talented employees and women in particular who can provide equally efficient and strong ideas but lack dominance in the way they act are left out of the picture. However, if clear and effective communicators are able to implement a tailored approach to address such situations, where equal opportunity is provided to every employee to speak up their mind irrespective of their genders. Male leaders should ascertain that no employee is talked over or constantly interrupted by another and that due credit is provided to the presenter of a good point, even if it is a woman.

Indulging  with the company-specific initiatives

More and more male employees need to actively participate in company programs and drives to help create women awareness and that how they should be treated equally and provided fair opportunities at the workplace. Most companies are now focusing and launching internal programs with the idea to help retain, hire, and deserving promotion of women. The assemblage of information distinctly shows that gender diversity leads to healthier operational and financial performance. Achieving that such success can be easier if the entire fraternity takes part and specifically, the men need to come in the fray, join hands with women, and be highly engaged in creating an equitable workplace.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of HelloPost.)

Article by Shivang Mathur, a Motivational Speaker