8 Ways to beat emotional eating this monsoon

emotional eating
8 Ways to beat emotional eating this monsoon

Monsoon has arrived and the only thought on everyone’s mind is of going on a long drive with family and friends and totally retreat your palate with some fried Samosas, Bhajiyas and Hot chocolate to feel good. This is an example of Emotional Eating. By emotional eating one feels good. And it’s not actually hunger that urges you to eat, but it is the emotional hunger which will not make you feel satisfied even when you are not actually hungry.

This Monsoon try to reformulate your “Emotional Hunger” by choosing a tasty and healthy alternative. Let’s beat emotional eating this monsoon by,

  1. Avoiding fried and fatty food, instead tandoor or tikka or grilled can be options. This way you can skip the unhealthy fat and at the time have a tasty meal.
  2. Exercise. Yes, you read it right. Opt for home workouts when rain disturbs your gym regime but you need to exercise. So in this situation, home workouts will help you burn calories and also motivate you to eat healthy food.
  3. Drink warm beverages like lemon tea or ginger tea. This helps to control your cravings, make you feel soothing and also boosts your metabolism.
  4. Nuts and dry fruits can be your best snacking options which would help build your immunity as they contain essential minerals and vitamins. So now, when you are hungry- almonds, dates and walnuts could be your immunity boosters.
  5. Have a bowl of hot soup or stews. This will not only make you feel warm but at the same time help you stay hydrated and would help you fight cold and flu by de clogging your nasal passage.
  6. Try to eat homemade food as there are major chances to catch flu and fall sick. Prepare your favourite dishes at home using herbs and spices which will help you aid digestion and fight congestion.
  7. Also,  eat seasonal fruits like litchi, plums, cherries and peaches. As these fruits are all rich in Vitamin C and also are a source of antioxidants which would again improve your immunity. Unseasonal fruits might contain pesticides and cause infection.

Last but not least, enjoy this season by following these above-mentioned steps which are simple and easy to follow. Stay fit and healthy!

Inputs by Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist