Acknowledging small efforts can lead the path to be vocal for mental health

Sumit Mittal, Founder, VentAllOut

Ever since humans came into existence, we have always strived to enhance our lives. Starting from the days when we were food gatherers, to evade the threats of animals as well as to ensure smooth functioning, the concept of society came into existence. We have come ahead so much in time that we have forgotten the true essence of society. Initially encouraged communities to grow under the influence of brotherhood, where society treats as one family.

But owing to the present day lifestyle these have become a thing of the past. To be precise, it has become an alien concept. The self-centered and fast-paced life where everybody is blindly running a race to be successful has given way to the most recurrent and common problem – mental health issues.

As a society, we have attached so much stigma to mental health concerns that people are unable to speak up about their mental issues. We are so distorted that even a typical usual day to day stress gets the tag as mental illness.

If we consider the statistics, 1 out of 5 people in India can be estimated to 20 per cent of the population suffer from some form of mental illness symptoms. Moreover, 50 per cent of the mental health conditions start at the age of 14, while 75 per cent develop by the age of 24. 

It has reached an entirely new horizon in recent times due to the lockdown imposed to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Being stripped of the social life, people are finding themselves amid some crazy frenzy where even daily chorus is adding on to the pile of anxiety.

People already struggling with their anxiety and mental issues toss to a whole new challenge of facing the judgmental views of the surrounding. They face double-layered resistance, one coming out of their shell of intimidation by acknowledging the need for help, second to battle the mocking eyes always ready to comment on their condition.

To help people come out of their hesitation and seek help where they can be vocal about their mental health without the fear of being judged, it is crucial to create awareness in the society. Just like physical health, mental health also contributes to the well-being of the entire body. 

As we seek help for standard cold and flu, in the same way, even small mental health concern is worth the attention. If left neglected, this can lead to extensive mental illness where the person becomes depressed, and things become a little hard to bring back to normal.

Therefore, one needs to take action when there is time. Even so, before talking about the one concerned, the family, friends, and the close ones should be educated because they are the ones who will be instrumental in providing a supportive environment to the person. A human effort increases the assurance of positive results when there are acceptance and acceptance with the individual’s flaws. Once the problem is detected, the solution will eventually fall into place.

Having dealt with the first wave of resistance, the second phase of confusion arises where people do not know whom to address their concerns. With the lack of awareness accompanied by a humungous amount of charge imposed by the psychiatrist, people are at a loss whom to consult.

Therefore, the study of psychology in the country should be encouraged. The profession of a psychiatrist should be acknowledged and given its due recognition to enhance the infrastructure of mental health in the country.  

In addition to this, people must be encouraged to communicate their feelings irrespective of the fact how foolish they seem to be because something of little consequence for one person can be a considerable problem for the other. 

As people come with their individuality, in the same way, the scope of the problem differs from person to person. We should give them the space to express their underlying thought processes. 

Hence, the very first step to help people be vocal about their mental health issues is to create a society that is not just receptive to the condition but also supports them in every aspect to cure themselves. More than the concerned person, the education of society is crucial as the individuals are the product of the community and are highly influenced by it.

We need to go back to our roots, realizing the importance of society that forms to promote the welfare of the individuals where their growth and well-being were central to the existence of society. In the past, humans have won over various challenges, though mental health is yet to combat, it is under process and with time, we will be able to overcome even this issue.

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Contributed by Sumit Mittal, Founder, VentAllOut- India’s First AI-driven Vernacular platform promoting Mental wellness by allowing users to share their stress, opinions, and comments anonymously.