ASSOCHAM- MeitY & DST join hands to launch the country’s first & largest exhibition on smart technology- SMARTecIndia2020

Apex industry body ASSOCHAM in partnership with the Ministry of Information Technology & Electronics, Govt. of India, and Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India has announced the launch of SMARTecIndia2020 on 25 September 2020, which aims to be India’s first and largest Smart Exhibition of Smart Technologies. Biggest technology giant Ericsson has come on board as ICT Awards Partner to support the initiative.

As the whole world fights the challenge of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Industry sectors all over the world are motivated to moving towards digitization of their operations. Smart Technologies have truly become a boon for the businesses during such times when almost every sector has started using AI, IoT, and various other technology platforms to continue their operations and serve their customers.

In a bid to provide a necessary boost to this sector and initiate a global dialogue on strengthening the policy framework, international business potentials, etc.

The uniquely curated confluence of smart technologies from all sectors will experience a week-long virtual exhibition which will be attended by over 400 Exhibitors from India and various leading countries, live demonstrations and product launches of exciting products and services, participation from progressive state governments.

In order to celebrate the spirit of innovation, the initiative will also award 10 top innovations from various sectors on the 27th of September 2020 in the EnnovateIndia2020 conference.

Mr. Deepak Sood, Secretary-General of ASSOCHAM shared “We are experiencing new normal and smart technologies are playing a very vital role in making, not only our lives smarter and simpler but also making our businesses more efficient and competitive. Initially, only a few sectors like Education, Manufacturing, Entertainment, etc were using smart technologies, but I am glad to see sectors like Agriculture, Energy, BFSI, etc also joining in. I am expecting huge growth in this sector in the future, with more and more users and businesses coming up to start using them. I am glad, India is taking a lead here as well. ASSOCHAM has always advocated that the economy of nations must continue and hence once again ASSOCHAM is taking lead in providing a timely and cost-effective business development platform to businesses across the globe.”

SMARTecIndia2020 platform is aimed to be a highly cost-effective sales tool for smart technologies that ensures round the clock global outreach to potential business prospects, providing complete flexibility of timing and convenience for visitors from any geography.

Countries like USA, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Peru, Estonia, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Canada, El Salvador, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mauritius and Singapore are expected to participate and showcase their unique propositions in the smart technologies from all sectors. Out of which Latvia & Israel have already confirmed their partnerships.