Aster RV Hospital conducts inter-hospital cricket tournament for organ donation awareness

In order to raise awareness about organ donation and lung transplantation, Aster RV Hospital conducted an inter-hospital cricket tournament today at the Islamiah Institute of Technology. Healthcare professionals from across the city participated in the event to support the cause of organ donation.

It is estimated that a significant number of people with advanced lung diseases are in need of a lung transplant in India; however, awareness levels on organ donation are still very low. Considering the size of the population and the number of people who are in need of organ transplants, India has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world.

Dr Pavan Yadav, senior consultant, interventional pulmonology and lung transplantation at Aster RV Hospital, who led the tournament said, “Many patients with advanced lung disease go on to become chronically oxygen dependent with limited mobility and poor quality of life. Lung transplantation is the only viable option in this group of patients however awareness regarding organ donation is quite low in India. This gift of kindness can save the lives of many such patients with advanced lung disease.”

India is the COPD capital of the world with this condition being the second most common cause of death in the country after heart disease. In the recently published LASI study (Longitudinal Ageing Study in India), it was found that about 49% of the participants suffered from abnormal lung function. With non-communicable diseases on a rise, it is of utmost importance that more people become aware of the process of organ donation to cope with the rising burden of people in need of a lung transplant. 

In order to register for organ donation, a person can fill out an online pledge form from the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) and be a part of this noble cause.