Benefits of Digital Transformation of Lottery In India

Digital Transformation Of Lottery
Digital Transformation Of Lottery

We all have been fascinated with the concept of a lottery. The idea of standing a chance to win crores of money in lotto jackpot is unbelievable, but yet not unachievable. Every player stands a fair chance to win and that is exactly why many still play the lottery regularly. India has had several lottery winners and their stories have inspired many more to participate and try their luck.

With India digitally transforming incredibly over the last decade, many industries and businesses have adopted digitization in their operations, and the lottery industry hasn’t held back. The lottery is now available online today, while a few years back India still had paper lottery tickets and physical outlets, they still do but in addition, have an online lottery which is growing massively.

The government recognized lottery companies are authorized to sell lottos in India which are presented by state governments of India, and these companies now offering players the games on digital platforms such as websites and mobile apps.

Here are some of the many benefits of digital lotto in India:

Ease and Convenience

Playing lotto on the go, and having the convenience of choosing and buying lotto tickets online is a big hit, it’s faster, better, and also easy. You don’t need to stand in queues or even visit the lotto outlets to buy them. In fact, the younger audiences swear by playing lotto online for its handiness and the best part that it comes with the same chance of winning. In addition, people can use e-money or mobile money to play which makes it even more convenient than paying with petty cash at offline stores. They can also track their winnings or result in an announcement at ease in the comfort of their home on their phones as they receive prompt notifications.


To encourage online playing, many digital lotto platforms like any other service provider app/website gives its customers discounts, promo-codes, cashbacks, referral points, bonus cash rewards, etc. Players love this, and these promotions subtly motivate them to play regularly. Consumers who regularly visit certain apps/websites for services expect value additions and these direct promotions help deliver the same.

Geo-Location Measures

Some states in India do not permit playing the lottery and usually, these states have to battle the menace of illegal lotto games or outlets. Therefore, geo-location measures on Indian lotto apps and websites help curb playing lottos or purchases in these locations which ultimately benefits the system in the long run. This also makes it safer and makes the lottery playing in line with government laws.


The digital lotto platforms are data secured and have taken several measures to protect the player’s privacy, data, payment processes, etc. making it far more secure than offline playing. Players also receive email confirmations for payments, e-copies of receipts and e-tickets as well. Which helps players directly, as paper tickets are prone to damage, loss, misplacement. The online lotto tickets also have player’s name and details on them and are linked to the player’s profile, contact number, and id proof to secure the purchase, and therefore preventing e – theft and misuse as well.

Sale Control

When lotto tickets are sold online, a digital track counts all sales and purchases. Whereas paper lottos are sold in offline stores or through street vendors, this sometimes leads to less control over offline sales as there are multiple purchase points present. In addition, there is also the possibility of duplicate print sold to players in the market which are restricted.

This article has been contributed by Mohit Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager, Luckykhel