Brain Tumour & Complications Often Seen!

Brain Tumour
Brain Tumour & Complications Often Seen!

The brain tumour is considered to be one of the most psychologically impactful health issues that have the tendency to slow down the entire operational efficiency of a human being. A lot of people suffer from it for their entire life and are not able to know of its presence. This primarily happens because of their behaviour in avoiding professional suggestions as much as possible.

The signs and symptoms associated with a brain tumour are also pretty normal to naïve eyes, but an expert eye can totally make out the difference. There are tons of complications associated with a brain tumour, some of which include the following mentioned below.

Complications after a brain tumour:

Brain cancer might look like as if they only affect the human brain but in the long term, they have the capability to affect the entire human organ system including the body movements and their coordination. Some of the complications include.

  • Constant fatigue:

Brain Tumour patients have to be strong enough to win the battle against the tumour. This involves a lot of energy from the patient’s side and sometimes affects the energy level negatively. In addition, this pattern of being tired is a lot more different from the normal tiring sessions as it completely drains out the person.

Some people also rely on a lot of sleeping, which is also a difficult process under the blanket of a brain tumour.

  • Aversion and constant pukes:

Not only the tumour directly affects the stomach, but also its treatment can make you feel sick to the core. Treatments such as chemotherapy or the radiation process can sometimes lead to excessive aversion and puking. Although a lot of medications are available to avoid such situations, it is always better to contact the doctor to get out of such situations.

  • Imperfections in proper speech:

Brain Tumour is known to cause severe problems in the coordination between your brain and the body movements, which includes your mouth as well. Patients find it very difficult to use the right words to express their feelings or emotions.

Words can be hanging at the tip of their tongue, and they will still find it very troublesome to take it out of their mouth. Conversations with a lot of people at one time will only lead to confusion and further chaos, which can be very degrading for the person’s health.

  • Vision obscurity:

This sounds a bit out of context for people who haven’t heard much about the functions of the Occipital lobe in the brain. This part of the brain helps in processing the images to make them capable of being viewed. A tumour in the Occipital lobe can lead to a lot of complications in the vision of the patient.

The patient might experience a Blurred vision or a double night vision as well, depending on his personal health situation. A slight movement here and there can also lead to the obscurity in the vision.

  • Problems in hearing:

Hearing loss is one of the prominent issues facing a brain tumour patient. This symptom usually arises when the nerves in your inner ear are pressurized beyond limits. This extreme pressure affects the hearing of the patient, leading to a temporary or a permanent hearing loss. The loss usually occurs at a very slow pace, initially affecting the ability to hear high-pitched sounds, and eventually affecting the low-pitched sounds as well.

  • Balancing and stability complications:

A patient suffering from a brain tumour will find it extremely difficult to balance his actions. This actually happens because of the lack of coordination between the cerebellum and the body movements. A person may experience regular stumbling upon things on his way due to the complications arising out of the brain tumour.

  • Deep vein thrombosis:

The effects of this clot are much more complicated than its name. The frequency of people experiencing deep vein thrombosis is also large, making it an important aspect of the entire study. The deep vein thrombosis is a sort of a clot present in a deep vein in the leg. Due to the brain tumour, this clot can shift to the lungs of the patient making the entire situation very deadly.

  • Loss of memory:

This is one of the most complicated effects of the brain tumour in an individual. A temporary loss of memory does not only create difficult circumstances for the people around but also severely affects the psychological state of the patient. The patient finds it very difficult to remember objects of everyday use, daily activities. He/she needs to have a constant reminder to help him get through this awful situation.

  • Numbness in the muscles:

This situation involves sudden inactivity in the muscle, due to which the muscle tend to freeze. The symptom is largely similar to paralysis in which the body seems to get numb as well.

A person suffering from any of these circumstances must be brought immediately under expert intervention. Early diagnosis of the problem can help to get rid away of it more easily and in a less painful manner.

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