COVID-19 Shadowing The Music Industry

A catastrophe the world couldn’t have foreseen, Coronavirus has rendered the entire mankind helpless with its deadly sweep. We have lost many lives to the pandemic and the economy has come to a halt, resulting in an inestimable loss.

Vishu Gupta, CEO & Founding Partner, Flutin

If experts are to be believed, the corona-induced recession is as much a topic of concern as the virus itself. Like almost all the other industries, the extraordinary circumstances have also inflicted great loss upon the music industry. From BUDX Mumbai to SXSW 2020 and Tomorrowland Winter, all the musical events either stand cancelled or postponed. With no possibility for music production and musical events in the current scenario, artists are finding themselves in a crisis at the moment.

FlutinHomeStars — An Artful Hope in These Times of Despair

But as one door closes, we must strive to find another one. And it looks like we have already found that another door in the form of an online rap talent hunt. Artists all over the world are using the live streaming service of Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to stay connected with their fans and entertain them. Similarly, Flutin has introduced a program called ‘FlutinHomeStars’.

The latest instalment of the initiative is HomeStarsRapchik. Through HomeStarsRapchik, we at Flutin are trying to offer talented rap artists a platform to showcase their talent in front of thousands of music lovers watching them perform through their phone or laptop screens. From rap tracks on social issues to love related problems, these artists feature a wide spectrum of compositions.

The idea is to elate the audience by breaking them away from the dullness of their monotonous schedules. Even better, a viewer can always drop a comment during the live performance, requesting the artist to sing a song of their own choice.

We are truly overwhelmed to see such sincere participation by artists and an equally unfeigned response by the audience.

It is safe to assume that the culture of home concerts is going to last much longer than the lockdown period. In other words, even after the world is back to the state of normalcy, the concept of live performance streaming on social media sites is expected to remain popular.

And as we are moving ahead with the concept of FlutinHomeStars, we are trying to identify the challenges involved and do away with them. A nearly perfect concert experience can be achieved with some improvements in the technology and the introduction of new features that address the pain points involved.

Some of the major challenges we have been confronted with are the glitches occurring due to unstable internet connectivity, lack of tools that allow multiple artist performances, and the inability of an artist to monetize their live streaming session.

However, Flutin is consistently working on finding solutions to fix with the above challenges. We’re dedicated to soon come up with solutions that will help artists monetize their talent even in the lockdown situation and bring the quality and experience to the highest notch possible. HomeStars are not a temporary solution, but also the future of music entertainment.

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Authored by Vishu Gupta, CEO & Founding Partner, Flutin