Customization of skincare products for every skin type should be a priority

Imagine having to use mass-produced skincare products to combat all sorts of skincare concerns. It is unlikely to show effective results to each and every individual as a single mass-produced skincare product wouldn’t solve problems like acne, dry skin, discoloration, sensitivity, etc. If you have been using the same or similar products for many years without seeing results, then it is likely that you are using a mass-produced solution that does not suit your skin and you need to swap them with a customized solution now. Generic formulations catering to the mass market are not rest-oriented to all consumers as they are ineffective in solving the problems of every complex skin types.

It makes sense. Anyone who’s tried to assemble their perfect skin-care regimen can attest to the struggle of trial and error. One thing can make your skin freak out, others can be too thick or occlusive for your skin type. Personalization takes differentiating factors into account so that instead, you’re slathering on something meant for your particular needs. Till date 68 per cent of women are still looking for the right moisturizer—it can take up to two years to find the right one, after trying up to five products at a time!

What matters the most in a successful skincare regime is the ingredients, their concentration, and overall formulation. What the product label reads, is what one must rely on. Your skin’s characteristics are unique to you – Be it oily, dry, normal, or sensitive, only the right products with the right ingredients and formulations can repair damage and restore your skin’s texture and smoothness. The same problem goes for hair! Problems like dry hair, breakage, split ends are common and one must find the right solution to it.

With that being said, undoubtedly there are skin and hair types, but even within those lie a good amount of variation—enough so to have people’s skin and hair react differently to products. And it’s a good point, too, that if you look at other sectors, you’ll find that customization is already a thing. There are customizable sneakers, meals, and vitamin regimens, and personalized fitness routines have existed for a long time. The beauty industry is really the only industry that was initially lagging, despite the fact that the recent boom of sample subscription boxes demonstrates that people are still desperately searching for the perfect products but its high time we bring customization of skincare products as a go-to solution for skincare problems.

Considering the above, we must also know how one can indulge in the skincare and haircare customization fiasco!

Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach

The one-size-fits-all approach is long gone! Now, most brands are creating a variety of products like cruelty-free and paraben-free products. Brands specialized in specific ranges like launching acne range and so on are signs that the industry is evolving. Hence choose products that fit well with your skin type and the marketing concepts or through the promise of customized ingredients.

Spread the message

Growing consumer awareness is bringing about a change in the product characteristics or ingredient-driven products for skincare brands today. Letting people know or making them aware of the idea of customization of beauty will solve half the problems at first.

Approved by dermatologist

Even dermatologists see customization as the new face of skincare. Today people are looking for solutions that cater to solve individual problems which are also approved by professionals.

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Contributed by Chaitanya Nallan, CEO, and the Chief Architect at Skinkraft Laboratories, India’s only Customized Skincare Regimen in India.