Dermapuritys isn’t just a clinic, it’s my dream and a vision that I fabricated into existence, says Lalita Arya

Lalita Arya, Vice President, DermaPuritys
Lalita Arya, Vice President, DermaPuritys

Now a day’s people want to look perfect, whether it be skin or body, so Lalita Arya created a 360 degree integrated clinic for skincare & skin rejuvenation ‘Dermapuritys’ that works on the moto to eliminate problems from the root. Lalita has been in the beauty & cosmic dermatology field for over 8 years and started her journey at VLCC to build a brand of her own today.

DermaPuritys, an integrated skincare & haircare center is a one-stop solution that offers high-quality beauty treatments performed by an expert team of aestheticians. This clinic provides services in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti-Aging, Body Shaping, Nonsurgical face-lift, Hair Rejuvenation, Permanent Make-Up & Weight.

At DermaPuritys, people can meet their dream look by using modern technology and treatment methods. It combines the personal level of care found in private dermatology practices with the benefits of a network of physicians working closely together.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview where Lalita speaks about her journey with HelloPost Team:

1. Tell us something about yourself and DermaPuritys.

Dermapuritys isn’t just a clinic, it’s my dream and a vision that I fabricated into existence. Here at Dermapuritys, we provide you with a fully customized review by our qualified physicians who will provide you with the right care according to your concerns.

Dermapuritys is well-equipped with the latest and modernized FDA approved machines and technologies to provide you with the best results for all skin, hair, and body treatments. We intend to provide you a service that gives quick and long-lasting solutions so that your natural beauty stays with you throughout. We ensure to offer various treatments to maintain the skin aesthetics, enhance its texture by tackling issues like acne, acne scars, photo-aging, rosacea, melasma, cellulite, congested glands, oil glands, deep wrinkles & unwanted hair.

Dermapuritys is a brand that goes for 360° marketing approaches. We opt for strategies that are different from what other brands are doing in the market.

2.   How technology is transforming the beauty industry?

Earlier, when there was no equipment, the treatment of many skin conditions such as acne, skin pigmentation, etc. People were unsure about the skin-related issues and could not identify the distinctions between different forms of skin problems. The issues were still very serious compared with the present times. Therefore people used to rely on remedies from home. They used to apply raw fruits and vegetables on their face to get rid of all their skin problems and thus the results were also slow.

Without the invention of technology in the beauty industry, the problems would have been even greater. But after the evolution of technology, the skin can be treated deep down.

Thus, the beauty industry has received a lot of benefits as technology is an important part of their field. People in earlier times didn’t know much about pigmentations or acnes or even the scars they had on their skin.

They had no idea about the differences between these problems that our skin has to face. But again, technology has transformed this industry to an extent where even pigmentation, scarring, acne can be treated easily by going deep down into the layer of the skin.

Acne scars can be now easily erased by procedures like micro-needling or lasers. These advanced treatments help to diminish old acne scars and your skin looks healthy, glowing, and fresh.

3.   What are the beauty trends in the Cosmetic Beauty industry?

Rather than beauty trends, I would like to add ‘New Beauty Trends’ that are going to be in the category and are getting popularity among the masses like Haircial Treatment, Permanent Makeup, Facelift, Ideal body sculpture, Aqua Gold, and Facial Cupping Therapy Treatment.

  • PERMANENT MAKEUP: It is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes specific pigments to create a look that a person would generally achieve after applying various makeup products. Permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and lip blush are the most popular options among the clients. They prefer a permanent correction to these areas so that they do not have to do their eyebrows, eyes, and lips every day and they can just walk out after washing their face. The purpose of the clients going for these treatments is to modify their looks and even to make desired corrections. For instance; people with thin and light eyebrows opt for MICROBLADING (PERMANENT EYEBROWS).
  • 4D CLEAR LIFT or SMAS FACELIFT: ‘SMAS FACELIFT’ is a unique Anti-Ageing Ultrasonic Facelift Technology. It is the most advanced and fastest High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound system that is designed for deep lifting, tightening of the face, and face contouring without surgery. The Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System is a tissue layer that lies deep within the skin and subcutaneous tissue. ‘SMAS’ is the support structure for the face that is of the utmost importance. The reshaping and manipulation of this anatomic structure change the looks and features of the face and improves cheek and neck firmness, removal of neckbands, and decreases nasolabial folds.

The best part about the ‘SMAS FACELIFT’ treatment is that it is entirely a non-invasive process, that works by targeting deep layers into the skin and it boosts new collagen production and collagen regeneration.

  • HAIRCIAL TREATMENT: It is a specialized treatment created to thicken and nourish hair and scalp from the roots, enhance the blood circulation in the scalp, and encourages a healthy environment for growth.

4.    What were the initial challenges that you have faced in this company? How did you overcome it?

Frankly speaking, initially, there were no challenges as such. We all were already prepared with the best. Dermapuritys is a brand that goes for 360° marketing approaches. We opt for strategies that are different from what other brands are doing in the market. While the other brands are only pitching their services to the clients but on the contrary, Dermapuritys first spread awareness among the audience about the services and then pitched the right clients for the respective treatment through online and offline marketing. We are also collaborating with bloggers and artists across the country. We are enriched with FDA approved latest and best technologies across Delhi/NCR.

We keep updating our website regularly and keep running exciting offers for the clients. We also organize in-house and outside events for spreading awareness and engaging clients regularly. Similarly, we keep inviting bloggers and artists to our clinic so that the young crowd also gets to know about our services and treatments.

5.    What has been your biggest achievement in this journey?

There were many achievements during our journey but one of the achievements is very close to my heart i.e. Dermapuritys has also been awarded ‘Best Dermatology Clinic in Delhi’ by The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) Awards 2019. 

6.    Why are entrepreneurs getting drawn into the Cosmetic Beauty Industry?

Earlier, people were not much conscious about their facial or body features, but with this growth in technology, there have been many applications created, which made people more clear about how they want their features or however they want to look. There are many applications which people are using and are getting more conscious about their facial features as the applications let them know about the facial ratios, and it becomes possible to attain the ideal facial features after understanding the facial ratio. Beauty applications are helping people to enhance their beauty.

Technology has successfully transformed and still transforming the cosmetic beauty industry. Because of technology and its inventions, people now can transform themselves however they want and can give themselves the confidence they need in life.

7.    How are you planning to set a benchmark among other Industry Players?

I would like to mention here that Dermapuritys had already started a new branch in GK-2, New Delhi within a period of 6-7 months. We are also looking forward to expanding our business in Delhi/NCR and apart from that looking for an increase in the number of clients.

8.    Who inspires you?

The word itself inspires me every minute. On the other hand, the desire for autonomy and financial independence inspire me. As a cosmetology brand, we are committed to making the world work better and more beautiful. I have always seen value and inspiration in seeing how our team’s success has a personal and professional impact on our clients.

9.    What are your future plans?

We are also looking forward to expanding our business in Delhi/NCR and apart from that looking for an increase in the number of clients.

10. As an entrepreneur, what motivates and drives you?    

As an entrepreneur being recognized for my hard work, either through an award or happy clients, gives me the energy to keep pushing through the long days. I am also motivated by the desire to create something new every day like I am not sure what’s coming down the curve but it is a thrill.