Education is a continuous culture of experiences


The promise and the purpose of education come with a lot of potentials. Inspirited and systemic transmission of knowledge and skills, we seek, try, and participate in the engagement that fulfills the meaning of education. The intent and efforts that explain education as a practice to build moral enterprise, reflective dialogue, and conscious community do not suffice its essence. The privileged access to education has not been a choice enabler for its recipients to aspire with strength and commit to change. Thus, reducing, education just as a means to job assurance and secure retirement. The sporadic discussion about the same has led us to deliberation and divide on the road to digitization.

The unearthing realms of education stand more contested, confused, and conflicted as we experience the mammoth shift and challenge to communicate and construct the knowledge with efficacy. The unsettling change in the medium has unburied the loose chronicles of education; highlighting the strong consideration of beyond as we face the danger of despair and dullness.

When the period of pandemic brings the changes and challenges beyond the narrative of daily life, it is a must to revisit the possibilities and perimeter of education. As the diameter of being and beyond is measured, the phrases like beyond classroom, beyond IQ, beyond traditional subjects are ought to make the announcement in the memo of any educational leadership. But, if the COVID situation has taught us anything, it is the qualitative quest to comprehend the character and enquire with empathy. Hence, we need to extend compassionate curiosity to create a thriving and timely definition of education as we adjust to the reality.

Education is a continuous culture of experiences and engagements in the shared process of learning and teaching, failure and success, and lows and highs. It is beyond IITs and Harvard, above placements and packages, away from GPAs and summa cum laude. It is unjust and myopic to confuse excellence in academics with education. The language of learning is limitless; they come in events and episodes, routines and regularity, creation and criticism, interactions and interests, law, and limitations. And, many more settings and situations where existence is willing to learn. This has been the benchmark wisdom of lockdown and prevalent situation.

To elucidate it further, the uncertainty has confronted the stringent structures of the existing education model. The situation has highlighted that no single syllabus, setting, and support system suit all. We are in forever transit; we need to break away from the factory settings of the industrial revolution and create a constantly evolving learning environment. The educational process that accepts differences in approaches and attitudes towards learning and celebrates the uniqueness of the contributions makes to the growth and development of knowledge culture.

The explosion of online classes, webinars, and unguided employment of technology have underscored the morbid reality of the virtual world. The lack of connection in the hyperconnected world has hemorrhaged the energy and efficiency of knowledge exchange. The unrehearsed and cold transition led stakeholders to experience academic fatigue and study burnout. This resulted in the want to broaden the ambit of practice and the process of education. The search for utopian means has moved home with the giving of the current crisis. The significance of self-awareness, a celebration of indigenous, a collaboration of communities has set the tone of future course for intellectual stimulation. Family, friends, and folk have been instrumental in enhancing effectiveness.

As we learn to navigate through, we need to reimagine education landscape to adapt, build, create, and design hybrid resilient model which seek and fuel learning in nature mode. A self-initiated way where discovery and understanding are intrinsic and in continuity. An environment that encourages learning in change or challenge, transition, or translation. It places genetics and geography on the same pedestal, inspires inquiry and sensibility in artificial intelligence, climate change, poverty in equal fashion. The roles of humankind and emotional expression are integrated with the holistic exercise of communication and culture. In the digital age, we form a funnel of information and principles to arm education with the functional beliefs of wellbeing, leadership, and service.

On our reroute, the need to get rid of certain numbers become stronger- the system of attendance and apathy, marks and ranks, and speed and greed. Forced form of instruction leads to labeled literate, not an enterprising existence. The omnipresent technology is a medium, tool, method but not the solution. It’s a nuance that eases repetitive efforts, labor engagements, and virtual experiences. But not provides the eminence and elevation of clarity, compassion, collaboration, connect, creation, communication that human resource is capable of.  The need to replace Ctrl C Ctrl V learning styles with a conscious learning network of peers, facilitators, mentors, teachers, learners, and contributors is the core of change. Trying times has taught us the power of solidarity and the importance of the role of each human element and units in society. Considering that, we need to bring equality and equity in the education climate. We need just and receptive molds. When we voice for equal rights, equal opportunities for all. Why do we have second-tier institutions? All students are equal and everyone deserves access to education that makes a difference. We need to break barriers and create a free knowledge economy.

Another uglier by-product of the standardized form of assessment is cut-throat competition resulting in mental and physical health challenges. No degrees, no ranks, no awards, no money can reverse the health concerns. The care and compassion towards mind, body, and soul must be incorporated in the intent and action of our education topography.

In any work of art or literature, we want the story of courage and compassion, we expect a climax of embrace and fulfillment. Education is the most superlative creation and our children are worthy of this creation in its most empowering form. The virtues of the virtual world must be coded in accordance with global impact and local inspiration to provide learning that is sustainable and free from bias.

Contributed by Jyotee J, Founder, an initiative that understands that future holds immense possibilities. The platform provides content, courses, counseling, and coaching to transform those possibilities into opportunities of understanding, learning, bonding, and evolving.