Eliminate the needless binging at work

Eat Healthy, Maintain a Healthier Oral Health
Eat Healthy, Maintain a Healthier Oral Health

Today’s sedentary lifestyle brings along several unwelcome health challenges- some which we cannot help and some of our doings. For instance, many believe that binging on a packet of crackers while working on a presentation on your laptop, calling for something like a creamy donut that brings along calories and sweetness or gulping down mugs and mugs of tea/coffee will lower the anxiety levels in the body. So, you unconsciously dump junk food in your body and right at the tail end do you realize that you have just consumed useless calories that might do no good to you but harm definitely yes. What is worse is people who are habituated to binging can go on and on at any time of day or night, yes you read right-night. Eating unhealthy, sugary food late at night and then retiring to bed is the worst thing you can do to yourself. While you have paid heed to the unnecessary cravings, you have done grave harm to your oral sanitation. There is no stopping to hogging at work and you have completely surrendered as a victim of an eating disorder.

Oral health is very important as the mouth is the gateway of the body. If oral health is maintained, you know that you are healthy. The blisters in one’s mouth are the result of the limited presence of iron. Scarce quantities of vitamin B3 causes canker sores and bad breath. It also leads to the swelling of the gums, a symptom for dental gingivitis. Because of dehydration, the mouth and lips will also be dry and sore.

Healthy Diet Results in Excellent Oral Hygiene

And your dietary habits play a prominent role in achieving this. While you may be aware that too much sweet or sugary treats would result in a cavity built-up in your tooth, did you know the same holds for acidic and fatty food? Well, yes you may be surprised to know that sugar and acids walk hand-in-hand in damaging the oral care. Because of them, the mouth is the favourite spot for unseen bacteria to thrive. These germs form the plaque which is present on the surface of the tooth. When the sugary treat gets in touch with the plaque, the microbes attack them and convert them into acids. The level of potency is so much in these acids that the tooth enamel can melt and decolour because of them. This is just the first step. Going forward, the cavity is built in the mouth. While many people chew gum in the impression that they would be killing their appetite, they are wrong. The sugar from the gum is the first entry which leads to tooth decay and cavity build up. Instead, by reducing the intake of the sugary substance, one is victorious as the bacteria aren’t capable of producing enough acidic substances that have an impact on the enamel.

Before your pearly whites are affected thanks to your corporate eating habits, pull your socks up and take note of the serious dental effects that are caused because of overeating at work. Relentless binging means compromise on the nutrition that is required for good oral health. While we agree that it will be a tedious task to keep a check on what goes in your mouth, especially when you are working round the clock, there is no place for a compromise as it will only impact your overall health.

How can you maintain a clear set of teeth?

Where there is a will there is a way. So, if you have made up your mind on fighting the habit of relentless eating, there are a few methods that can be followed.

1) Limit the number of times you binge at the office so that oral hygiene is maintained.

2) Firstly, get over this habit of mindless binging. If you have this urge to eat continuously, instead of treating yourself to calories loaded with junk, get hold of nutritious edibles that are high in calcium, vitamins and iron, which will not do any harm to your body but also enhance your oral health.

3) Include fresh fruits like pear, strawberries and salads in your diet that is a bouquet of nutrition that keeps your oral health and overall health in place.

4) Regular brushing and flossing will keep the plaque at bay.

5) Always rinse your mouth with water or sugar-free mouth wash to remove any particles in the mouth. Also, these wash away the acidic content in the oral cavity that affects the enamel of the teeth.

6) If oral hygiene is not maintained, then it will result in a dry mouth that will lead to tooth decay. Sugar-rich food or processed food is a strict no-no as they will spoil your teeth slowly without you even realizing, making a root canal treatment inevitable.

Inputs by Dr. Karishma Jaradi, Aesthetic Dentist – Dentzz Dental