Health and Wellness trends that would follow in 2019

Health and Wellness trends that would follow in 2019
Health and Wellness trends that would follow in 2019

The digital world seems to have reached saturation point with its information overload, technology that has only succeeded in creating alienation instead of bonding, and living a voyeuristic, Instagram life rather than experiencing it! Self-care is no longer a luxury, it’s the need of the hour. It’s high time to get real and “Go Back to Nature”. This is the overarching theme for 2019 and we shall be seeing it played out in its many avatars:

Nature is the new gym

Remaining closeted in the gyms for hours together working the machines is pretty passé. Trekking and hiking are the new fitness routines and even working out will be best done in nature, surrounded by trees.

Spa resorts as travel destinations

Only those relaxation therapies that balance the body, mind and soul will find favour with the holiday-goer. Nourishment is no longer restricted to intake as food. Edible massage packs, scrubs and essential oils used in natural surroundings will give the 360degree experience that the soul has been craving since so long.

Eco-keto eating

Talking of food, nutrition not diet is the key. Supervised keto eating regimens have given great results but their high-meat content has been a put-off for many.  Veganism, that involves obtaining food without harming either the animals or the environment, is at the forefront of mindful eating today.  Diets that are keto but eco-friendly are gaining much popularity and soon mornings will begin with seaweed smoothies with plant-based milk topped with berries.

Herbal infusions instead of caffeinated teas

Drink up your flowers, might be the new refrain. Hibiscus, chamomile, cherry blossom, rosebud, orange blossom, lavender: a plethora of choices for a refreshing, soothing cuppa. An immunity boost-up adds to the attraction factor.

Turmeric is golden

Some things never go out of trend. There are many benefits of turmeric. With warm water and honey, it serves as a perky morning pick up.  As turmeric latte sipped before bedtime, it not only gives restful sleep but also soothes any inflammation that might have sprouted up. So, turmeric continues to rule the roost as Spice No.1.

Intermittent fasting

We, in India, are no strangers to fasting. But this particular duration of 16:8 fasting – 16hours of fasting after 8 hours of feasting, has given surprising results – in fact, it has been shown to even reverse the silent killer, a lifestyle disease, diabetes. This is a trend we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2019.

Pranic Healing

Energy healing is now an everyday wellness tool and an important alternative therapy often used alone or in conjunction with traditional western methods of healing. This “no-touch” healing system uses “prana” or “life force” to help the body heal itself by recharging the cells and restoring balance for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Complementary medicine is the new healing.

Crystal activated water

Do you remember the time water kept overnight in copper lotas was supposed to be healthy and was drunk with much gusto? Likewise, crystals are said to be a source of energy and the more we use them the greater the clarity and balance we can achieve. Crystals collected in the ‘right manner’ from the Earth can stimulate the mind and enhance one’s creativity and passions. Amethyst water, anyone?

Bamboo charcoal cleanser

The most luxe cleansing product is the one from nature – bamboo charcoal. This sooty compound has the power to absorb impurities and toxins and we are poised to see a lot more of it in 2019.

Improving air quality

Smoggy Delhi has turned the air-mask into a chic new accessory while Facebook is full of Delhi friends asking for recommendations for air filters. The quality of the air we breathe in is going to be of paramount importance in 2019. Practisingpranayams will act as an inner filter to protect our lungs against the polluted air.  But the people will also be demanding better prevention practices from their governments. Yayyy, people power.

Eco-friendly clothes

A world-famous charity once admitted that they were receiving more used clothes than they could recycle or upcycle. And these clothes were of the ‘junk’ variety. ‘Cluttering the environment’ in this way is no-go and that’s the sign of a big thumbs up to clothes that are made of long-lasting, eco-friendly fiber.

This article has been contributed by Pinky Daga, CEO of  Thriive Art & Soul. Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal housing world’s leading directory of verified wellness therapists, and healers from across 150+ alternative health modalities.