How do you run a COVID free environment?

COVID free environment

This unprecedented phenomenon of COVID-19 is now moving into the 6th month of existence. During this period most of the organizations and industries have been disproportionately impacted.

At Healthspring, however, by virtue of the foresightedness of our team helped us in readying ourselves for the outbreak, well within time.

Society was in a state of shock and anxiety resulting in depression and we had to play our part in creating hope for a better tomorrow. We realized that the way of handling this situation had to be unique. When most of the organizations were operating from home, the biggest challenge for healthcare centers like us was to be available for all our customers along with providing them a safe COVID free environment. We ensured the utmost care in creating a safe environment for our patients in our retail clinics and occupational health centers present across the country. The sense of empathy we demonstrated, helped us in strengthening and consolidating the belief that the customers had in our organization and the services rendered by us to each one of them.

We created a support system for the health safety of personnel, defining the workplace management, travel policies, external interactions, etc. through:

Screening of employees & customers by entailing detailed screening of the employees across levels, functions including housekeeping, facility management, security, etc every day

Reassurance to the customers through various communications confirming our preparedness to manage customers and employee’s safety and sharing regular awareness materials with them

Guidelines and execution of operational excellence comprising sanitization and disinfection process of the workplace, personal, and official vehicles. Information dissemination to the employees is a key parameter of success, the designing and implementation of visual display areas is always a critical aspect for the institutional well-being

Defining and supplying the safety items and guidelines for usage like masks, gloves, face shield, headgear, etc. along with inventory management

Formulating preventive guidelines for employees by promoting regular and thorough hand-washing by employees. Putting hand sanitizer dispensers in prominent places around the workplace. Making Social Distancing as the part of new normal and ensuring compliance by both customers and employees

Capturing the travel history of each and every walk-in at the center

Preparedness of our employees to manage the situation. Circulation and training towards guidelines as advised by GOI/WHO along with internal FAQs for all employees and BPO partners. Training on end to end case management – identification of symptoms to the facilitation of COVID-19 testing

Strengthening and creation of alternate channels for service delivery. We created a robust tele-consult network of COVID-19 consultation, regular GP consults, mental health counseling along with numerous specialist consultations which helped us in managing the health of our customers remotely

Offering Home Care services. We went an extra mile for our customers, especially for our elderly patients for whom we provided various home visit services, ensuring limited exposure to these customers

Surveillance of prevention and protection through symptom tracking and monitoring at the individual level

Emergency response for exception management in case any employee gets infected with COVID including patient management to contact tracing and implementing self/home quarantine

Facilitation of RT-PCR testing for ascertaining the infection in probable employee basis symptoms and guidelines

In our pursuit to continue the delivery of Longitudinal Care to all our existing as well as new customers, along with prevailing efforts, we are looking at creating a robust platform for Remote Patient Management which are going to be the key components of the future healthcare landscape and will be part of the ‘New Normal’.

Technology, particularly in the area of telecommunication, has emerged as the key aspect of life across the length and breadth of the country and has no social/economic barrier in terms of adoption. This paradigm shift has helped in superior data management and the flow of information transforming the way we live our day to day lives.

Telemedicine, including tele-consult, is envisaged to be an integral part of the new normal. The outbreak of COVID-19 is changing the way people perceive telemedicine and the outlook of a physical visit to the doctor in-person is witnessing a drastic shift. Over a period of time, people are getting used to the concept of seeking advice from doctors online. The government is also urging people to make use of technological platforms to support the measures of social distancing. Technology-based healthcare service delivery is already witnessing a significant surge in the recent past where people are consulting doctors across specialties’.

Contributed by Dr. Kushilab Bose – Director, Medical Operations, Healthspring

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