How to embark on a career in Art

career in art
Amrita Deora, Founder & CEO, The Designera

Only those who are passionate about art can understand the magnetic pull that demands you to pursue your dreams in this exquisite subject. A journey in the field of art is unlike any other industry, owing to its subjective and emotionally charged nature.  Here are a few tips for those art enthusiasts trying to make inroads into this enchanting, but daunting field.

Be True To Your Craft

When embarking on a journey in the business of art, it’s crucial to build the discipline of remaining true to one’s craft. Being so deeply immersed in one’s craft that one ignores ‘what the market wants’ is the responsibility of every creator.

Taking a cue from our Bhagavad Gita, where Shri Krishna famously says “Whatever the result of the action, calmly do your duty without seeking a reward. Right action is bound to bring the right result, so it is not necessary to run after it.” If you create what inspires you, the success is bound to follow.

Find your artistic voice-

The length and breadth of art span limitless genres, mediums, eras and styles. Thus, it’s crucial for every artist and art business to have an artistic voice that is unique and focused. It could be a distinct style, or a particular medium or even a rare subject that immensely inspires you. Without an artistic voice, one could be lost at sea in an industry that is brimming with competitive talent.

Immerse Yourself In The World of Art –

Through every stage of building your business, immerse yourself in the world of art. Understanding the landscape of any industry is crucial to businesses, but few are as pleasurable as viewing art. Take every opportunity to attend museums, architectural masterpieces, galleries- travel and collect a wealth of inspiration.

Harness the Artist’s Advantage with Social Media–

In a world run by social media, art businesses stand at a natural advantage. With all businesses striving to create beautifully designed feeds filled with riotous colours, the nature of the art businesses effortlessly allows you to accomplish this. Building a community of patrons can kick-start your dream in the art world. Ensure every aspect of your branding and social media is as stunning as your art.

Let Your Studio Inspire You-

Let your workspace serve as a source of inspiration. A creative flow is extensively influenced by your surroundings and can breathe life into your work. Make sure to fill your studio with natural light, greens, colours and everything that drives and motivates your creative process.

Creativity takes immense courage, but the pursuit of your dreams in the art will undoubtedly be a colourful and rewarding journey. In the words on Van Gogh, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

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Authored by By Amrita Deora, Founder & CEO, The Designera