How to look like a Celeb in 40 days?

One thought that always strikes our mind after checking our much-loved “Celebrity” is, ‘I wish I could have all the billion bucks to procure myself a Nutritionist/ Trainer just to look like them’.

Well, that is one of the whys and wherefores that this Ace Population look like Goddesses and while we look like ordinary humans.

The Good News is that we don’t need a fully loaded bank account to look enthralling. Let us dare ourselves to look like a superstar just in 40 days!

Mimicking star is a great option that can be attained by various means. Being enthusiastic and disciplined is one of them. Your 40-day expedition to look like an A-Lister 🙂

  1. Eat well

The proverb ‘You are what you eat’ is correctly quantified which reflects on your skin and waistline. There is a list of regimes that celebrities follow like the Low Carb Diet, Ketogenic Diet and Fruit Diet etc. Do Some Research &Developmentand look for choices of which diet would suit you and start following it thoroughly taking your Micronutrients (Minerals and Vitamins) and Macronutrients (Protein, Fats &Carbohydrates) into consideration. Remember, celebs stick to a regime till they reach their aim.

  • Stay fit

Take proper care of yourself by engaging in some physical activity, in your day to day life that fits your routine well. It could be for a lesser time but intense which would, in turn, help the rapidity of metabolism resulting in fat loss. Few instructions to comprise some physical activity is by ascending 4 floors every 3 hours. It takes less than 5 minutes; you can kick start your day by choosing 3 workouts and accomplish a circuit routine. This way you can slowly upsurge the strength and also feel energetic from your boring deskbound life.

  • Take care of your skin

The type of skin you have depends on how your mineral and vitamin levels are. Also, to avoid excess expenditure on skin treatments try to follow home-based remedies which would amazingly help you. In case if you are already deficient in minerals and vitamins you could externally supplement yourself with necessary minerals and vitamins after consulting your physician

Use the right face moisturiser, face wash, sunscreen and body lotion, so that your skin is well hydrated and this way you can avoid dry/dead skin development.

  • Make water you best friend.

You might have overheard from many celebs that one of the reasons behind their glowing and sparkling skin is the consumption of plenty of water. Being well-hydrated aids in flushing out all the toxins from our body, evade inflammation and also benefits to drop water retention which would side-step bloating in the body.

Following the above facts will certainly help you to look like a dazzling celebrity in just 40 days. Being PERSISTENT is all that you need to be.

Inputs by Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist