In conversation with Dr. Monica Kapoor about her journey as a Celebrity Cosmetologist

With an experience spanning over 16 years, Dr. Monica Kapoor is a Celebrity Cosmetologist and has a big name in the field of Skin, Hair, Dental and Slimming. She is the Director of the clinic Flawless Cosmetic Club and has a passion to make people look flawless with the help of modern medical technologies. Being a pioneer in India for cosmetic procedures like Lasers, Plasma Therapy and Anti-Ageing treatments to name the few, Dr. Kapoor holds a degree in Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging from Germany University (Greifswald) and Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. She is first in the country to introduce PLASMA medicine which is the most advanced technology in aesthetic medicine.

She is the name behind many famous celebrities for their age-defying looks, shapely bodies and perfect smile. Also, she has clients from other parts of the world like France, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Africa and UAE who are content with her treatments. She not only treats high profile people but takes great pride to treat underprivileged people at no cost.

Here is a conversation about her journey as a Celebrity Cosmetologist with HelloPost Team:
Dr. Monica Kapoor talks about her journey as a Celebrity Cosmetologist

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