5 healthy ways to lose post-pregnancy weight

Lose post-pregnancy weight
5 healthy ways to lose post-pregnancy weight

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful experiences in a woman’s life which should be thoroughly enjoyed before and after. However, most mothers experience a dip in confidence after giving birth to a child considering the change in body shape and weight gain. Women today are taking too much stress about getting back in shape that the obsession is borderline unhealthy. With numerous shortcuts available in today’s time, losing weight in a healthy way is mostly ignored and holds utmost importance.

Here are some healthy ways to lose that post-pregnancy weight:

  • Building Stamina: Before getting down to some hardcore workout which might not be ideal for the body at the moment, it is imperative to focus on building stamina by going for long walks. Start with 20-25 minutes of walking in a day and increase it to 40-45 min per day.
  • Have a healthy balanced diet with all the macros: It is always sensible to eat healthily. No matter what the internet says, it is important to have a healthy balanced diet because at this time body requires the necessary Carbs, protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins, and fat but all in the right quantity. Go easy on sugary and fatty foods, takeaways, fast food, snacks, and fizzy drinks.
  • Do not get impatient: Be considerate to yourself and do not be hard on yourself to lose weight and belly fat. It is ideal to wait for six-seven weeks or until you feel that you’ve recovered from the birth, before starting with harder exercises that too with a physician or doctor’s advice. Give yourself at least 6-8 months for a healthy weight loss.
  • Focus on full body workouts: Spot burning is a myth. Even though you only want to get rid of the belly fat but one should ideally focus on full body workouts. While you can start with gentle exercises such as pelvic floor exercises and walking, gradually shift to full body workouts for improving the overall health of the body.
  • Incorporate stretching in your daily routine: Stretching loosens tight muscles which help muscles to relax and increase blood flow. Therefore, it is important to include 10-15 minute stretching as part of your daily routine. Some of the important stretches are: Cat-Cow pose to warm up the spine; cat and cobra for the torso, the arms, and the shoulders.

In India, there are numerous myths associated with pregnancy and post pregnancy food which I’d like to clarify. While ghee is good fat and helps fulfil nutritional value; however ghee coupled with wheat and sugar is not an ideal combination. Panjiri is one of the most common food given to new mothers. Instead we should focus on having wholesome food. Hydration is also one of the most important trick for losing weight in a healthy fashion. Mostly, a woman is allowed to have 1800 – 2000 calories per day. In order to lose weight it is always advisable to take professional help, consult a nutritionist for diet and workout.

Breastfeeding is absolutely necessary for the child but also burns an extra 330 calories a day. Those extra calories can be burnt from your own fat stores because the body lays down fat during pregnancy to give extra energy to make milk. However, the number of calories you burn will still largely depends on your diet and lifestyle.

This article has been contributed by Diksha Chhabra, Founder, Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultancy. She is a certified nutritionist from K11 Fitness Academy, Pune. She has become an inspiration to thousands of women and is helping them to be a fitter and better version of themselves. 

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