8 Ways to Foster Creativity at Workplace

Shruti Rajpara, Chief Visualizer, Spicetree Design Agency
Shruti Rajpara, Chief Visualizer, Spicetree Design Agency

Creativity is what drives any brand forward. Be it any industry or vertical, it is essential to build a creative work environment in order to make a team successful, who can, in turn, help a brand grow and thereby attract more investors. Each and everyone is creative; we simply need to exercise methods to bring out the best in everyone. Following are a few simple ways to generate creativity at a workplace:

  • Encourage Team Members

According to me, the most important thing to generate creativity is to be supportive and encouraging. It is the job of the team leader to ensure that their team members’ ideas are not just heard, but also encouraged, listened to, discussed and adopted. It is crucial to create a warm & welcoming environment where the team can feel free to express themselves with out-of-the-box ideas. The best support is to actually implement these ideas which will make the team feel that their inputs are taken seriously & acted upon. This will encourage them to contribute with their best & bring forth ideas that can lead to bigger achievements in the future.

  • Appreciate Innovative Ideas

Sometimes, rewarding innovative & creative ideas also helps in building encouragement among the team members. If a team member has put forth certain ideas, it is not always necessary that it be adopted; although, it is important to ensure that it is also not ignored. Something as simple as sending an appreciation mail to the employee, while marking the entire team on the mail, will boost their confidence levels and encourage them to perform better. An idea can also be rewarded by conducting a team meeting where it is discussed and the employee is applauded and appreciated for coming up with an innovative plan.

  • Allow Mistakes

With offbeat and creative thinking, comes attached a certain amount of risk factor. It is not always necessary that a creative thought may pan out. The management needs to understand this and allow the team to learn from their mistakes, and not outright reject them. No idea should be mocked or frowned upon; this will only make the team disheartened and they may not put forth their ideas in the future. When faced with a challenging situation, one learns to improvise – which takes their creative thinking to new levels and, more often than not, they emerge victoriously.

  • Converse & Brainstorm

Nothing works better than a team sitting together and ideating towards a common objective. Thinking out loud helps in creating a chain of thought which ignites creative thinking among the team members. This way, new ideas are collected while making sure that all of their voices are heard. It is important to hold regular brainstorming sessions where team members take turns sharing ideas that they’ve thought of. These ideas can then be noted down from which the best ones can be shortlisted that come the closest in achieving the objective.

  • Keep the Team Trending

Conducting training sessions from time to time to equip the team with the on-going trends and techniques will help them gain confidence. Sometimes, one is unable to think creatively as they may feel that they do not possess the required skill to execute it. If any team members come across an interesting article or learn a new skill, it must immediately be shared with the rest of the team. In addition, attending seminars and workshops by thought leaders and experts from the industry helps gain new insights and adds extra value to one’s skill. Regular sharing of current articles, e-learning videos, and conducting in-house training sessions will keep the team in the loop with the market trends and boost their thinking forward.

  • Open Space Sessions

Instead of conducting certain important meetings or brainstorming sessions at the workplace, open space like a park, garden, ground or even an open rooftop can be considered. Open spaces tend to widen one’s thought process and helps generate free-flowing ideas. When in an open space, one tends to observe more, and any element around them can inspire them to think unique. It will also provide an individual with a fresh environment that’ll unlock their creativity.

  • Shuffle

Sometimes, changing one’s seat and shuffling places temporarily also helps spark creativity. This way, the employees get to interact with diverse team members who may uplift their overall perspective and thinking. New perspectives lead to new thoughts, which in turn lead to creative thinking! After all, creativity is fostered only when communication takes place.

  • Compete

A fun, healthy competition that challenges an individual’s creativity can be put forth where all employees are asked to participate for an enticing reward. Coming up with innovative ideas within a deadline will push a person to think beyond their calibre and present an out-of-the-box idea that will further help them amplify their thinking. The best idea can be greatly rewarded; keeping in mind at the same time to acknowledge others as well. This will push others to perform better next time in order to win the prize.

This article has been contributed by Shruti Rajpara, Chief Visualizer, Spicetree Design Agency (SDA). SDA is a multi-faceted marketing firm that offer a gamut of services in design, digital, and development spheres.


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