Initial step towards losing weight and getting fit

Initial step towards losing weight and getting fit
Initial step towards losing weight and getting fit

Every time we look at the mirror or go for a bath, our image in the mirror tends to haunt us. It is all the bulge here and there that makes us feel scared staring at us. It is not that you have not tried to do something in the past about it, but didn’t work.

Though losing weight is not as simple as it might seem to look at the different ads and commercials, but it is not that difficult too. What you need is, to prepare yourself to do it, take some baby steps ahead and follow these simple lifestyle changes towards weight loss and getting fit, as mentioned below in this article:

  • Food matters the most, prepare to eat better

The three terms – calories, carbs and fats could be very intimidating at the initial go. Stop thinking about them. It is much easier to and effective at the same time to improve the nutrition quotient of your food and include them in your diet and removing the ones that do not. This will automatically take care of the three mentioned above.

Look for foods to include in your diet that are high in protein – lean meats, poultry, eggs, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Avoid deeply fried or highly cooked foods and opt for more of raw (whenever possible), grilled, boiled or blanched foods. Avoid the ones that are rich in starch and high in glycemic index. Make sure you omit anything and everything from your meals that have or made of refined flours – cookies, cakes, bread and pasta.

Eat foods that fill you faster like beans, vegetables and other fiber-rich foods. This will ensure that you are mentally satisfied, yet end up eating lesser.

Always remember that eat those foods the most that are rich in protein. When it is a matter of losing weight, protein i considered as the ‘king of nutrients’.

  • Introduce breakfast in your daily meal pattern

Breakfast happens to be our first meal of the day and also the most important. Many who try losing weight, the first thing that they do is to start avoiding to have breakfast. It is a common misconception that less food means less weight. It is absolutely a wrong conception.

The truth is that those who have regular breakfast, are able to keep their weight in control and ward of the excess. Yes, you hear it right. Breakfast gives your body with all the energy it needs to function optimally during the day. It helps kick start your metabolism. This further helps to avoid excessive food intake during the next meals and also food cravings. The body and mind perform well, as it is satisfied and full and also the metabolism providing it with the much-needed energy.

Ensure that your breakfast is protein rich and wholesome.

  • Make smaller changes and smaller adjustments in your daily lifestyle

The next step is to make adjustments but small in your daily lifestyle habits. Small changes make big differences in the long run. Take your best friend – your dog out for a small stroll in the nearby garden, walk a few steps to the local grocery store, change your sleeping time a couple of hours earlier and so on.

The next is to watch out what you are eating the whole day. Yes, you have started having breakfast now, but now it’s time to make it a healthy one with more proteins and fibers. Cut down on sugary drinks and coffee, and replace the same with fruit juices and fresh water. Similarly, it goes with the other meals too. Small habitual changes in your daily routine and lifestyle will prepare you and your body for the bigger game.

  • Water and water all the way

Our body needs water to perform all its functions. It is a natural cleanser that helps flush out all the toxins and fats stored in the body. Actually, water is instrumental in weight reduction. There may be chances that you might not be consuming the adequate quantity of water on a regular basis. Immediately start replacing your other drinks like tea, coffee and carbonated beverages with water.

Moreover, water helps you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated means optimal physical and mental performance.

  • Create a support system

All said and done, the last thing that you would need to progress is a support system. Once that you have decided that you want to lose weight, announce it, make it public. The more you tell people, your progress will be monitored by others and this will make you more conscious and force you to keep on track. You will never like the idea of being called a quitter.

Similarly, when you are working out, there is ought to be days where getting up in the morning and going to the gym would be a challenge. Find a friend who can be your partner to the gym and shares a similar level of commitment and goal as yours. It will help you during those days when you feel dragged and vice versa.

You will be a source of inspiration for each other always.

This article has been contributed by Dietitian Ashu Gupta, founder of Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic and an acclaimed dietician and nutritionist.

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