5 ways to empower employees for higher engagement

employee engagement
Ways to empower employees for higher engagement

Writing this article has to be one of my favorites amongst many articles I’ve written primarily because it is about workplace productivity – a topic me and my team are extremely passionate about.

Many of us think of increasing employee engagement as a complex task. Let’s break the bubble because it really is the simplest thing to do if done right. Everything falls into place when engagement as a core function of the management is prioritized.

Here are five ways of increasing employee engagement-

1. Assigning the right people the right roles

I always say give equal importance to your team and your client. Of course, the client is king but without your team, how will your company become the kingdom? Get your HR to find the right people for the right roles. Having role clarity is extremely important because if someone is good at a particular task, it is likely that he/she will give their inputs and that will increase involvement. This also means that talent acquisition and retention strategies have to be aligned with the company’s objectives.

2. The need for training

Simply put, no one is born with all the necessary skills they need to learn to live on this planet. We’re taught everything from Day 1 – from parents, teachers, peers, and nature. Once you have the resources, it’s time to train them so they can hold the fort. Invest in employee training and development activities and create a culture of trust and accountability. Generally, I like to give each new recruit a mentor who aids and fastens the learning process. This also helps them open up to the office culture.

3. Assign relevant and significant work

Many times you’ll feel like a potential employee is a right employee to hire but unless you have a clear career or role made for them or their job position it’s likely that they’ll either be disinterested or simply leave. Why? Because while it may seem great to sit and pass your time doing nothing and still be paid, in reality, each employee wants to grow in their professional and personal life. Align their work so they contribute to the company’s mission, purpose, and values.

4. The importance of feedback

In today’s fast-paced environment employees demand feedback often and they feel the need to give feedback too. Keep your communication channels open and let two-way communication happen effectively. Check in on them at least once a week and to do so use both formal and informal strategies.

5. Discussion meetings

For many managers, this sounds like a rather boring task where everyone just talks until they’ve made a point. What they don’t realize is that these meetings are the most constructive way to move in the direction of achieving your goals. Have meetings to discuss clients, workflow, suggestions, obstacles and even engagement. Make sure everyone is involved in the discussion meeting. Even the shyest person from the lot will actively engage once you follow these easy steps. The best way to do so is to prioritize. Now it’s time to get on it!

This article has been contributed by Ms. Ritu Grover, Founder & CEO, TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd.

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