Major threats to the environment will surely affect your lifestyle

Major threats to the environment will surely affect your lifestyle

A great man once said, “The earth was made for all of us, not some of us” and while some of us understand this but most of us fail to realize this. Almost all of us have been exploiting the environment rigorously for own selfish motives.

The major amount of awareness can only be experienced in popular days like the earth day or the world environment day. Both of these days are marked with excessive selfies with nature, but not even 10% of these active social media influencers actually perform anything for the environment afterward.

In fact, a large portion of the environmental threat is being caused because of the high-end lifestyle that we all pursue on a daily basis. Environment threat is directly proportional to a person’s economic or financial status. The richer a person is, the more actively he/she participates in such demeaning activities that pose a threat to the very existence of Mother Nature.

Some of the lifestyle habits that are constantly degrading the environment include:

The human lifestyle has not just affected a single dimension of the dynamic nature but has been actively deteriorating all the dimensions of it. These dimensions include the climate, water, soil, air and altogether the entire atmosphere. Instead of thanking nature for supporting all forms of life, we are all constantly participating in ruining its existence.

  • Addiction to technologies:

The heavy dependence of all human beings on technology definitely shows the scale of progress, but this scale of progress does not take into account all the environmental loss it incurs. It was not long before when people started giving up on their phones after a successful Bollywood movie portrayed the harmful effects of radiation on birds.

However, evidently, everyone is back to their original addiction because their social media accounts are much more important than saving a species that has always been an art of the environment.

  • Dependence on harmful makeup products:

This particular point might affect you to bits and you might think that it is baseless. However, a series of research work on makeup ingredients revealed that the use of parabens and another harmful chemical in them causes a severe threat to the environment. Recently, a lot of awareness generated on the issue on various social media platforms but it could hardly make any difference in the sales of such products.

The irony is smothered in the fact that many girls post “save environment” post with a face full of makeup that is itself a potent danger to it. Funny, isn’t it?

· It is better to cut trees for the sake of luxury:

A lot of us feel no shame on saying that they just cannot live without their original leather bag, which is made from the real snakeskin. People usually make such points without even relaxing that our entire existence depends on trees. Every time an individual sports a snakeskin skirt to an event, there is an animal being killed for the purpose.

  • Carpooling is a time waste:

This major thinking does not allow us to follow the method of carpooling. Families with ten members actively support the decision of having a personal car or vehicle for everyone. The emission from everyone’s car does not only affects the environment but also deteriorates the quality of air in the environment making it unfit for breathing.

Students are taught about the method of carpooling since their elementary classes, but when it comes to putting them in motion, all the knowledge comes to a halt.

  • The vegan diet is gross:

Every time you consume a chicken, just think about the bags of wheat that must have been consumed by it.

Consuming a non-veg diet not only decreases the population of the chicken but also leads to a slump in the wheat quantity. Even after repeated efforts for environment sustainability people are still addicted to their lifestyle, which involves a non-veg diet.

  • Living in lavish homes:

Let us come straight, we all want lavish homes for our family and ourselves and lavish home is all about its length, breadth, and height. This also implies a large scale cut down of trees to create large bungalows for the increasing population of rich people.

While rural people actively participate in planting trees even though their houses are comparatively smaller, urban people prefer to breathe in their luxury lifestyle. For every new house, more than 100 trees are cut down and no one ever comes for the afforestation process to regain the lost count of trees in the area.

The environment is our home and we are its residents on rent. The upcoming generation is going to stay on rent too but the rate at which these are being consumed will only lead to terrific problems in the future, making it harder for humans to survive.

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