Instagram vs. Facebook: Who is winning the battle?

Instagram vs. Facebook
Instagram vs. Facebook

Technology tends to create a need for things we never knew we needed. When Facebook came in the year 2004, it ended up redefining networking and virtual interaction the way Orkut couldn’t. There was a massive shift from Yahoo Messengers to a website that allowed us to explore the possibility of meeting absolute strangers but in a non-creepy way. It also introduced us to the means of staying connected with friends and acquaintances effortlessly. There came a point where it helped us with a task as simple as remembering and wishing friends on their birthday.

But around the time Facebook started getting clutter, in 2012 came in Instagram. This application which was supremely easy to use, helped many people rediscover their love for visual aesthetics amidst the verbose world of Facebook. In many ways, Instagram became something Facebook never could be. It harboured a sense of positivity, an immensely strong visual hold and an influx of content that people could relate at a very intimate level.

We can talk a lot about where Facebook started drifting away, but to understand the points of uniqueness understanding what Instagram did right is integral. Ever since its establishment due to the picture heavy base of Instagram, it successfully nurtured a community that shared things that made them happy. This, in turn, soothed their thirst for aesthetics. That common goal or objective hasn’t diverted since then. 

Long before memes pages took over, the aesthetic appeal of Instagram drove people to the platform. The effect it had was rather positive on its users. Because unlike Facebook, where there was an overflow of content that wasn’t necessarily efficacious, left a bitterness inside. Whereas, on Instagram users were busy sharing things that brought them joy. Sure, there is some negativity even on Instagram, especially since the exponential rise in trolling. But that doesn’t change the fact, that when I am at home and my two girls do something adorable, I quickly capture it and share it on Instagram stories. It is out there in open that Instagram is very personal in nature despite being a social platform. It has grown with its features like stories, or change in feed structure while giving you control over the kind of content you see and on who sees your content. That’s the sense of positivity Instagram houses.

On the other hand, Facebook has evolved into an objective to replace personal profiles more as social profiles of individual and micro websites and marketplaces for brands.

Of course, the interface and user experience can’t be discounted either. Instagram is easy, quick and clutter-free, whereas Facebook is bestrewed. There’s nothing distracting you when you’re leisurely browsing through Instagram, which is a very addictive experience. On the other hand, Facebook has just too much happened to a point its feed is known as a “newsfeed.” The interface seems to be very rigid, formal and doesn’t pull you in like Instagram.

Not to forget, while Facebook definitely has more users than Instagram, it also has become accessible for any kind of seller. It looks like a marketplace with barely any reliability. Whereas, most brands on Instagram understand the importance of the visual appeal of their brand and product, and invest time and effort on it. Even personally, if I were to buy say, a dress, the chances I’d buy it because I saw it on Instagram are higher than Facebook driving me till that checkout button.

While there is no guarantee that Instagram will not become Facebook. We can hope it doesn’t because I like #aestheticsunrise on Instagram rather than a long post about it on Facebook. 

This article has been contributed by Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Founder of Zero Gravity Communications

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