International Women’s Day: House of Hiranandani’s new campaign to celebrate women’s role in home buying

House of Hiranandani

Mumbai: Real estate purchases, which was still a few years ago a decision confined to men only, now encompasses women as an equally important influencer or decision-maker. To celebrate this achievement as part of International Women’s Day, House of Hiranandani, a leading real estate company, has launched a video campaign that showcases women’s increasing role and participation while buying a home.

Numerous women, today, are becoming principal stakeholders from being a mere witness when it comes to critical decision-making of a home investment. The campaign highlights how women are no longer immune to the aspirational wave and are in fact taking the lead in investing in their family’s future.

Commenting on the campaign, Prashin Jhobalia, VP-Marketing Strategy, House of Hiranandani said, “Today, women are a key target audience for the sector due to their increasing influence in the home-buying decision and financial independence. The dual-income scenarios in family and joint home-buying decisions along with the spouse displays their contribution in making the key financial decision for the family. This trend displays a positive tone for society and signifies growth and a better outlook for the future. At House of Hiranandani, we want to celebrate this International Women’s Day by showcasing the rising power of women in real estate.”

According to a report by Track2Realty, women contribute to nearly 74% of real estate buying decisions. Aspiring home buyers can seek certain benefits including tax exemptions in some states if a home is bought in a woman’s name. Preferential home loan schemes, the convenience of co-borrowing, discount on stamp duty charges, and other kinds of support for first-time home women buyers from the government are empowering more women to invest in real estate.

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