Is workout hangover a real thing?

Is workout hangover a real thing?

A new-fangled trend – or maybe a man-made trend? – of individuals missing social events or work for what they call it as a workout hangover. What was earlier named as DOMS i.e. delayed onset muscle soreness is nowadays being named as ‘a hangover’ by several. On the other hand, calling it a hangover is not correct, because it is not. Regardless, these hangovers are affecting many individuals to miss out on their lives and that is undoubtedly an unreasonable practice worth addressing.

In order to halt this, individuals must first recognize that the main reason they liken it to a hangover and draw it from life is commonly the miseducation about workout and fitness. Too many are unveiling their beginner agendas off, of what they see others do and are stimulated by the fitness industry slogan, ‘no pain, no gain.’ The difficulty is that individuals are leaping into the deep end short of progression and guidance. A good exercise thus should not be limit-pushing, nor ought to be so excruciating that it chiefs to workout hangovers not allowing you to function later.

When you workout, you produce small tears in your muscle tissue and as your time out, your body gets to work on it thus, fixing up and strengthening those tears and this is how a muscle is constructed. An additional reason for individuals to have workout hangovers is for the reason that they have injured themselves. When individuals exercise and perspire, they do not understand how much water they need to replace all off that liquid. Not only that but water also aids flush all the metabolites out of your body and keep nutrients rolling to your muscles. Dehydration causes a feeling of tiredness, headaches and at times nausea too.

Methods to treat workout hangover:

Shun stress – The workout hangover goes neck to neck with cortisol hormone which is the stress hormone and extreme stress can lead to a workout hangover. Doing things that make your body secrete too much of cortisol can make you feeling shattered. Therefore, try not taking the stress.

Do not go too heavy very frequently – Working out ferociously for one or two days in the fitness center is a big NO. Getting into the gym with steady training will have a superior payout and a healthier outcome than killing yourself with one big session per week, which will cause all other sessions to be deprived, or even force you to rest for more days.

Do not overdo pre-workout stimulants – Always keep in mind that stimulants when used frequently lose their effectiveness. Some caffeine, proper workout nutrition and good régime are all-sufficient to get the work done.

Make sleep a priority – When you sleep well, your gym time will improve and your body composition will increase at a speeded rate and you will be able to train better and harder. Alleviating the workout hangover means increasing the hormones that will aid you to feel your best.

Laugh more – What’s better than laughing? It secretes endorphins, lowers cortisol and aids in refining the immune system. The more ‘feel good’ hormones your body discharges, less is the amount of stress you experience. So, let go off worry, find a friend who makes you laugh, watch and read something funny. 

Mental and Physical fatigue from working out, mainly with intense workout regimes is avoidable and manageable and with the right responses. The key to escaping workout hangovers is to find out what works the best for your individual workout regime thus helping you in getting better as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Inputs by Shalini Bhargava, Director at JG’S Fitness Centre