It is difficult to maintain a balance between home and work-life but not impossible, says Dr. Reshma Shah

Dr. Reshma Shah & her son

Ranked among India’s top dental practitioner, Dr. Reshma Shah’s treatments include high quality pediatric dental services along with preventive dental approach with sealants and fluoride application in addition to instilling good oral habits in children from a young age. As a pediatric dentist, she also looks into the orthodontic care required from an early age in children. Dr. Reshma Shah is the director ‘32 Reasons’, a state of the art multi-speciality dental centre in Mumbai.  Her clinic, 32 Reasons, has been awarded the best clinic in South Mumbai – “Maharashtra and Goa Big Brands Research Service Excellence Award” and “Sarvashri gold” award for best dental care.  She offers her exclusive service to a pantheon of Bollywood stars, corporate czars and business barons.

She holds a graduate degree from Nair Hospital Dental College and has done Post Graduate Certification in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of California, Los Angeles in the U.S.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview where Dr. Reshma speaks about her journey with HelloPost Team:

What inspired you to start your own venture?

I was a very phobic child and extremely anxious before any of my dental appointments. Somehow, I wanted to remove the phobia from children’s minds. So I started 32 Reasons, a child-friendly state of the art clinic. Now I have trouble getting kids out of the clinic instead of getting them in the clinic.

How has been your entrepreneur journey so far?

It has been an excellent journey. Having treated children for the past 17 years, I have not only been a part of their dental journey but actually seen them grow along with my own practice. They being kids then and now entrepreneurs themselves and still wanting to visit me is extremely satisfying.

What were the initial challenges that you have faced in your journey?

The initial challenges that I faced and in fact still face, are to convince parents the need to take care of milk teeth and the importance of milk teeth. Most of the parents believe that since milk teeth fall off they are not important and should not be looked after. So this is the major struggle that I have faced.

Besides that, to create dental health awareness was also a challenge earlier but not anymore now.

What has been your biggest achievement in this journey?

To eliminate dental phobia in most of my patients. Now they look forward to their visits and are happy to come back as well.

What are the things that help you to stay organised?

My team is my strength. My clinic staff, my doctors are all very well trained. My state-of- the- art equipment makes the work a lot simpler. We are also extremely particular about our appointment system and try to keep the waiting period as less as possible.

What are your strategies for creating a work-life balance?

Time management. Once I am home with my son, I try and switch off as far as possible. But being in a profession which involves children and pain, it’s not always possible to completely cut off.

What keeps you motivated through ups and downs of both motherhood and entrepreneurship?

As a mother, when I have had a hectic day at work, going back to my son after a stressful day only brightens my mood.

Besides that, as an entrepreneur it is rewarding when I take away the teeth pain that the children suffer from. When they give me a flower or card and are happy to be at the clinic, with no phobia, it is extremely motivating.

Who is your role model?

My mother. She has gone through a lot of struggles and hardships to educate my 2 siblings and me. Today we all have achieved something in life, all thanks to my mother. I am extremely grateful to her.

Please share some tips on how to achieve success as a mompreneur.

Follow your dreams! Don’t give up. It is difficult to maintain a balance between home and work-life but not impossible. Time management is the key but working is the best mental stimulation you can give yourself. Do it for yourself and do it guilt free. Once the kids see you achieve something, they will respect you more. It’s a good lesson you are teaching your child.

What’s the one thing that you want your children to remember about you?

Good balance between work and home life. As a working mother, I am setting an example and he is seeing it every day.

Any recommendations to mothers who dream about being an entrepreneur.

Follow your heart. It is extremely important for women to be financially independent. It’s a struggle sometimes but it’s worth it for your self-esteem and self-respect.

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