Its all about Nachos!!!

Its all about Nachos

What are Nachos?

Nachos are nothing but corn/maize tortillas that are cut up and fried to crispy. These tortiallas are usually made from the white variety of corn that is treated with several ingredients before being milled to a fine flour which is only slightly coarser than the regular wheat flour.

The sudden birth of Nachos

Nachos were bought to the world by  Ignacio Anaya a cook who worked in the restaurant called “El Modern” in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

One fine evening the wives of American soldiers entered the restaurant, just before it was about to close and ordered something to eat. Ignacio threw some totopos in a pan, sprinkled cheese on top, and popped them in the oven because this was the only things he had left.

The wives of the soldiers liked his creation very much and soon many people came to order the dish at Ignacio “El Nacho” Araya ‘s restaurant

Why are Nachos triangular in shape?

Triangular shape helps in  the ease of scooping up the  sauce of your choice , especially tomato pieces in salsa sauce  which can be hard to scoop if your nacho isn’t rectangular/circular shape.

What are some of the best dips for Nachos to dip in?
Nachos Dips

Nachos dips are extremely flexible. You can try to invent a dip of your liking. This aspect is healthy as you can avoid factory made options which are full of preservatives. However, some of the most common dips eaten with Nachos are:

  • Guacamole
  • Spinach and Cheese dip.
  • Spinach-Ricotta Dip.
  • Tomato dips (Tomato puree basic ingredient)
  • Mint dips (Mint leaves puree)
  • Chilly dip (chilies with tomato)
  • Cheese/ Creamy dips (Cheese and cream)
Who is the largest consumer of Nachos ?

We would you say that Nachos are eaten regionally in Mexico and more often found eaten by and sold by the Mexican diaspora in the United States.

They became a staple food  of border restaurants and grew in popularity in within restaurants  in Texas, the Southwest and the USA. But you probably won’t find nachos on the menus of most restaurants in the rest of Mexico. In Mexico, nachos are a regional food item.

So basically, Unites States and some regions in Mexico are the biggest end consumer of Nachos.

What would happen if you would daily eat 1 packet of Nachos?

100 gram packet nachoes with cheese dip will  have around 306 calorie which comes from carbs, fat and little from protein.

It has around 17 grams of fat, 32 gram of carbs and around 8 grams of protein.

Now if you keep your daily calorie intake in check and have 1 packet of nachos nothing will happen.

If you keep eating you will land up in a calorie surplus state which your body will store in the form of fat.

Don’t confuse a nacho and a taco

Tacos are made with two ingredients: a soft corn tortilla and meat.

With these two ingredients, you have a taco. But most of the people in Mexico also use some of the other ingredients to make it tastier like beans, coriander, onions, avocado, lemon, salt, homemade sauce, radishes.

Nachos are made with crispy corn tortilla cut in triangular pieces. Then you put beans, beef and cheese on it, put it in the oven until the cheese is melted and then put tomato, onion and green chili on it.

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