Learn new things from these apps every day

Learn new things from apps every day
Learn new things from apps every day

Is it true that smartphone and smartphone apps waste our time? Not really!!! Smartphones are the most important development in the history of learning technology. Apart from just clicking pictures from your smartphone and uploading it on social media, you can easily convert your smartphone into a learning tool.

There are various apps that are easily available which can just broaden your knowledge. Here is the list of few apps that teaches you new things every day. So, go ahead and learn something new every with these following apps:

  • Blinkist

Available on iOS and Android, Blinkist provides summaries of over 1000 influential non-fiction books. The app provides 15 minutes written and audio takeaways from books on psychology, history, health, current affairs, and many more. You can easily dive into a book while doing your other works. It’s a great book discovery tool, where you can explore the book before actually buying it. You can also read other books and decide whether you want to purchase it or not. In both cases, you will only learn something new.

  • Duolingo

If you are curious to learn new languages, then this app is a great language-learning tool for you. Duolingo offers over 35 different languages that you can learn through games and exercises.  It also has Duolingo Bots which gives you a benefit of conversing with a chatbot via text messages in several languages. This app is compatible on iOS, Window and Android phones.

  • Health IQ

Available only for iOS users, but you should definitely give a try. As compared to other health apps which just count steps and calories, Health IQ focuses on health education. The entire interface is interactive that you cannot get bored. There are several quizzes which will excite you if you are curious to know about health, diet and other health related things.

  • TED

Every one of us is now aware of TED talks. TED is a 30-year-old organization which is dedicated to making us understand things in a better way. You can have access to all videos with subtitles in over 90 languages on TED video library and even create your own playlist so that you get recommendation accordingly. You can easily download the app on Android and iOS.

  • Udacity

If you are someone who loves to learn the new programming language, then you can learn how to code, on-the-go conveniently on Udacity. Available for free for Android and iOS users, the app brings experts from tech giants like Google and Facebook on your phone. You can watch the class lecture, take quizzes and download it for offline access too. The app includes introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Java, among other programming languages.

  • TradeHero

Available for both Android and iOS users, TradeHero is a one-stop solution for those who want to earn more money by investing but are not aware of the process involved. This app gives you a rough idea about the market and you can virtually invest using a fake 100 USD.

  • Goodreads

Available on both Android and iOS for free, this app is a great source of book recommendations. Here, you can set your reading goals and also track your progress. You can follow your favourite authors like Stephen King, Dan Brown, John Green and many others.

Apart from these apps, there are various other apps through which you can learn new things every day. So go ahead, try these apps and enjoy. Happy learning!

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