LISS Cardio- A step closer to weight loss

LISS Cardio
LISS Cardio- A step closer to weight loss

Are you tired of the umpteen high-intensity cardio sessions you have done and want to explore easier workout options that won’t drain you much? Perhaps you want to look at something to speed up your recovery between intense workouts sessions. Maybe something that will lend you a workout fix but not leave you soaked in sweat. You must consider low-intensity steady-state cardio or LISS cardio that can prove to be a seamless addition to your regular workout routine.

What exactly is LISS cardio?

The term LISS stands for “low-intensity steady-state,” and it occurs at the other side of the cardio range from high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is the kind of max-effort exercise that examines and studies your stamina and taxes your forte and power. The words Low-intensity mean, the kind of exercises that get your blood pumping without having a noteworthy impact on your inhalation rate. Steady-state means that it’s performed at an incessant, static pace. That means during the workout, you are not stopping and beginning, or pushing really hard and then decelerating down. LISS cardio can include a myriad of fitness activities, like walking, swimming, jogging, and cycling.

How different is LISS Cardio from HIIT exercises:

LISS cardio is nothing but working out with repetitive and monotonous motion for example running or swimming laps at a steady pace. So instead of working at your max effort for a condensed time interval like you do while performing HIIT, in this form of cardio you target for a lower level of effort for an unceasing time period, with no retrieval time in between. LISS cardio, enables you to keep your rate of heart at a light to moderately hard level— this accounts to around sixty percent of your maximum heart rate—so you can withstand that speed for about forty-five minutes to an hour, which facilitates you to burn fat and build fortitude. If you are a beginner or you are targeting a major weight loss, doing a high-intensity workout session might seem to be very challenging for you. This is where LISS cardio lends a helping hand by offering a more approachable way to create an exercise routine, progresses cardiovascular health, and upholds a robust fitness foundation.

The many advantages of LISS Cardio:

Fitness enthusiasts belonging to various levels of fitness can take advantage of LISS cardio in many ways. If you are a beginner, LISS cardio can be an operative way to kick-start your journey towards fitness, it can help ease you into a workout without putting you at the peril of getting over-trained, which can slow down your progress level. LISS cardio can enable your recovery and lessen the time required for it by improving blood flow to your muscles without further stressing them.

Another plus point of performing LISS cardio is that the exercise also has lower jeopardy of injury as compared to HIIT because it’s less ballistic and is joint-friendly. Also since you are sweating it out at a lower intensity, this type of exercise is a nice option for starters or those who wish to switch back into exercise and work their way up to HIIT workouts. Plus, interchanging LISS cardio and HIIT training lends your muscles a chance to recuperate from high-intensity schedules.

Incorporating LISS into your workout routine:

LISS cardio is super adaptable, which means it can be used in multiple workouts. Apart from walking and running, here are some other ways to integrate LISS cardio into your day-to-day fitness routine:

Go swimming: Such sports can prove to be exceptional forms of light cardio.

Bike to the park and back: Target for a total of 7 to 9 miles, or forty-five minutes to an hour of biking. Pedal at a reasonable pace to keep your rate of heart raised.

The workouts wide acceptance is majorly because it gets you a step closer to achieving your weight reduction goals, while you exert the least amount of effort possible. 

Inputs by Ms. Shalini Bhargava, Director at JG’s Fitness Centre