Makeup & Nail Artistry- Exciting and Rewarding Career Options

Neha Suradkar, Founder, Style-N-File

The beauty industry is growing leaps and bounds every passing day. There’s an increase in awareness and disposable income, which has lead to more exploration and experimentation with new beauty products and services. The growing beauty market is providing contentment to consumers, and also a lot of career opportunities. Profiles like Beauty Therapists, Nail Technicians, Make Artists, Hair Stylists, etc are in high demand.

Makeup and Nails are two upcoming fields in beauty. As a makeup artist or nail technician, one can work full time, part time or as a freelancer. You can explore your hobby or passion along with your ongoing profession before you are ready to take it up as a career. These skills come handy for women, specially mothers who have to manage their schedules to that of their children, they can work as a freelancer, also from home when kids are in school. For someone who’s a part of a moving family, and moves to various cities, these are wonderful skills to possess as you can start something of your own at your own convenience.

Desirable Skill Set

Creativity is the most important skill that can help you to get into these professions and survive. There should be always a desire to do something new and different. Being comfortable with colours and to be able to play with them is another trait that will help you thrive. Apart from this, one needs to be really patient and willing to take criticism positively. Also, these professions require you to deal with people all the time, so one should be comfortable talking with people and also making them comfortable to talk with you.

Training Required

Good training and education is must for the aspiring individuals looking to step into beauty and wellness industry.One needs to pursue a professional course in Makeup or Nail Artistry. The courses usually range from few weeks to few months.

Professional Makeup Artistry course will usually start with understanding various skin types and skin care procedure, understanding of variety of makeup products available in market. Creating different looks like nude makeup look, retro, party, bridal looks and so on. Apart from these, there are courses on Stage and Theatre makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Creative and fashion makeup, Hi-Definition Camera Friendly Makeup, which can be taken up as a specialized course after the basic course.

Professional Nail Courses start with understanding of nail structure, products available for nails, how to work on different types of extensions like Acrylic, Gel, Poly gel etc. Application of basic nail lacquer and gel nail paint is also taken up along with nail art techniques like freehand, 3D art, Rhinestone art etc. Further courses can be taken up for advanced nail art or for any new techniques and products that come up in the market.

Career Opportunities:

As a makeup artist, you can work-

  • In salon
  • As a bridal makeup artist
  • As a freelance artist for shoots and editorials
  • In the film and TV industry
  • With theatre and stage artists
  • With makeup brands as trainers
  • As freelance grooming consultant

As a nail technician/ artist, you can work-

  • In salon
  • As an independent/ freelance nail technician
  • As product educator for a manufacturer/ distributor
  • As a freelance nail tech for the photoshoot
  • As a nail trainer/ educator with academies

So, if you are looking for a career that is creative, fun, rewarding, exciting, lets you work with celebrities, takes you to various places, Makeup and Nail Artistry are two fields to explore. There’s never a dull moment in the life of a Makeup or Nail Artist. The only thing one has to remember is to be patient and take criticism positively and try to improve and evolve every day. Find your niche and work on making it your expertise, and most importantly Believe in yourself and your abilities!

This article has been contributed by Neha Suradkar, Founder of Style-N-File, a Make-up and Nail Studio and Academy in Powai, Mumbai