MC-Bauchemie Russia migrates its corporate data to Softline Cloud


LONDON, United Kingdom: MC-Bauchemie Russia, a manufacturer of building materials and a developer of technologies for their effective use, has successfully migrated part of its IT-resources to Softline cloud featuring its market-best performance.

After choosing Softline cloud services the customer received financial guarantees of strict compliance with all SLAs, and now they can build a fault-tolerant and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

For more than half a century, MC-Bauchemie has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building materials and a developer of technologies for their effective use. Today its subdivisions operate in more than 40 countries and employ about 2,500 professionals. In Russia, MC-Bauchemie’s offices are successfully operating in St. Petersburg, Kirovsk, Ramenskoye, Samara, Krasnodar, and Tyumen.

To cover current business needs in the Russian market the company has already cooperated with a cloud services provider. Over time, the quality of that provider’s services became insufficient given the needs of the business. In an effort to change the situation for the better, the MC-Bauchemie Russia management started thinking about migrating their IT-resources to the cloud of a different provider. At the same time, the crucial need was to ensure the smooth operation of all services and business processes.

Softline, a global provider of IT solutions and services, offered the best option. After a detailed analysis of MC-Bauchemie’s Russia needs and after collecting all the relevant information about the current state of the IT infrastructure, the provider’s experts suggested the phased migration of the corporate resources to the Softline cloud.

Before starting the project, the MC-Bauchemie Russia management reviewed the solution’s features. The solution uses the certified FlexPod platform based on NetApp storage systems, Cisco switches and processors, and VMware software. The solution allows flexible scaling of resources, reduces capital expenditure on IT infrastructure, and offers an easy way of managing the virtual data centre via a web interface. Through its 24/7 technical support, this high-quality, affordable and attractive service is equally popular among large corporate clients and SMEs.

The customer tested the cloud service to verify its functionality. The skilled staff of MC-Bauchemie Russia independently migrated the company’s IT resources to the Softline cloud. Using Veeam Cloud Connect software, the customer made the migration process quicker and more secure. The Softline team provided proper answers to all the customer’s questions at all stages of the project’s implementation, they cooperated with MC-Bauchemie’s Russia experts in performing emerging IT tasks and offered swift responses.

“On the one hand, it is easy to offer a familiar and proven service to the customer. In this case, you don’t have to start from scratch. No need of talking about the technical and economic benefits of cloud services since the customer is quite aware of them. On the other hand, any project is always a great responsibility and mobilization of all resources. After all, we have to prove in fact rather than in the word that our service is the best on the market and that our service is the only way to the most efficient resolution of emerging IT tasks. The customer now has no doubt about the high industrial expertise of Softline, and I am sure that we are going to implement many joint projects with MC-Bauchemie Russia in future”, said Vladimir Kalin, Head of Softline Data Center Services Department in the North-West region.

“The consistent transfer of MC-Bauchemie’s Russia IT-resources to Softline cloud was the main task that we had to solve during the project’s implementation. Before choosing a new provider, we carefully studied all the functionality of its solutions and ran thorough tests. In addition, we attended two cloud technology events held by Softline, and these confirmed the high industrial expertise of the company. Softline cloud provides the fault tolerance, stability and performance that we expected before starting this migration. Scaling is quick, and the volume of scaling is sufficient for solving current business tasks”, said Viktor Milyaev, Head of MC-Bauchemie’s Russia IT Department.