Media as a career

Media as a career

Since the early times where Narad Muni worked the affairs to the currently engaged editors in their bustling offices, the wheel keeps on turning to define what the term ‘media’ actually means but there is no second thought of the fact that “media is the most powerful entity on earth.” Media explains the variety of ways available for communication from television to Newspapers to pictures and radio, to what we see on the internet, media is everywhere, and it can amuse as much as it can influence. Hence before you decide to step into this dynamic world full of surprises, you should first actually conceive what it’s really all about.

A layman has a different mindset when it comes to Media as a profession. They usually figure it as an easy ride to where you will be presenting the news, having your own show, or even writing for renowned publication houses. Sure, your career could surprise you with one of these routes. At times there can be a setback to, but remember you don’t have to be a star news anchor or ace Correspondent to secure a job in the Industry. A career move in the media will provide you with umpteenth of choices where the scope will range from various technical to personal based skills. There are literally thousands of different roles you can always explore. There is always a scope for a wide range of people with different technical and personal skills.

In today’s world working, the media job is an express and exceedingly consuming undertaking. If you can catch a command over the pressures thrown at you, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. There was a time when people use to consider Journalism as Mission but over the period it has drastically changed and now it’s less of a mission and more of a profession. We still like to believe that Journalists are the opinion-makers and Journalism is the fourth most powerful pillar of democracy. Basically Journalist act as a watchdog and serves the common man with detailed information and perspective related to the neglects which become the breaking news. Journalism is the art of conveying news, opinions, and stories through a wide variety of Media.

What’s really Required

To enter the buzz world one has to be confident, enthusiastic, and possess the ability to build relationships with a mix of People. Media as a profession requires dynamism and temperament to run the extra yards. Back in the day, most roles did not necessarily require a degree but the times have changed now. Mass communication is quite a popular degree among the new blood as entering the industry gets tougher by the day. So it is worth getting a degree under your belt before applying for the most desirable roles. My personal advice to the millennials is to stop hunting for glamour and instead work religiously, the glamour will eventually follow. Do not paint any rosy picture in your heart because eventually, it is only years of hard work and sweat which will take you to places.  

Passion and Package

Media is a line of work where passion thrives, do not confuse it with a world of Charm, Money, and Power. All three components may follow at a later time in your career but initially, when you are at scratch it’s important to be grounded. There will be opportunities for you to grasp at which help you to incentives both financially and socially. There is no price for passion.

Types of Roles in Media

If you see yourself working in the media stream quite a lot of options are available to you such as a TV Editor, behind or in front of the camera and television broadcasting. You also have the content side of things where you get to be creative with your writing skills, News director, a promising producer, a well-versed researcher. Other available options include the technical route, become a lighting technician, a video editor, a camera operator, or a graphic and animation designer. Alternatively, you could use your organizational skills and dive headfirst into the administration side of the TV (Input desk and / Output desk).

When it comes to Print Media in journalism and publishing they are incredibly popular areas that many people look to get into. Once you get in you’ll know that journalism can be an incredibly exciting industry. You’ll need to be opinionated, and have the ability to keep an open mind. To gather experience most people start at local newspapers and work towards national publications, or get internships with independent publishing houses or magazines. You can get involved from an earlier age too, try writing for student newspapers, college annual magazines, etc.

What’s New for GenX

If you’ve noticed the TV in the past five years, you’ll know that pretty much every channel and Newspaper now has interactive elements and websites too.

Obviously, in the year 2020, it would be a little naive to write an article on media careers and not mention the internet, new media. These are multi-billion dollar industries and their ever-expanding nature means that they will only get bigger. All the workers in this sphere need to have a mix and wide range of skill sets, with the additional comprehension of technical processes, in-depth industry knowledge, and a head full of innovative ideas. So that’s one big opportunity for you to dive in.


Just like any profession hurdles are a part of the parcel.The rivalry in anybusiness makes it a tricky job to get into.Thereforemake sure you set out on this career path only if you have the patience to survive the pressure.It would be advisable applying for internships to get some work experience,giving you a taste of today’s Media. 

Contributed by Shivang Mathur, Senior Journalist., a prolific media buff, motivational speaker, social activist, and passionate believer.