Meditation can heal your relationships

Grand Master Akshar
Meditation can heal your relationships

The beauty of every flower grows with each petal. Relationships are those delicate bonds that hold each petal in its place helping every flower bloom with elegance. The connections we form with the people who matter to us, be it family, friends, peers, superiors or role models, determine our own journey and influence our own personal growth. it all begins with the singular and most beautiful bond between a mother and child, soon this relationship is accompanied by new and varied ones as we grow and experience the full offerings of life.

To create or to conclude may be easy but to sustain is a true art. Relationships are no stranger to this rule. The most valuable gift is the ability to preserve any positive relationship. We must ensure that we create an environment where we and the individuals who invest their time and emotions on us mutually grow towards happiness, goodness and positivity.

To begin this journey, we must first ensure that we harbour a positive relationship with our inner self.  This is the part meditation plays in all our lives. In the practice of Prathibimbha Dhyaan, we look towards ourselves and bear witness to our own nature, our lives, our emotions, our ambitions, our self-satisfaction, our interests, our tastes, our likes and dislikes. With a better grasp over ourselves, we are now ready to strengthen our relationships with other spirits.

Prathibimbha Dhyaan

  • Sit in any comfortable posture.
  • Cup your palms and place the back of your palms on your knees.
  • Your cupped palms subliminally hint towards your mind to prepare for receival.
  • Ensure that your back does not form a hunch.
  • Close your eyes and shift the focus of your mind’s eye to the centre of your forehead.
  • This point on your forehead is called the Ajna Chakra. It is the representation of your identity, you as an individual and all that you encompass. Such is the quality of this meditation of self-reflection.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply and rhythmically while your mind travels within, to your inner self.
  • Practice this every morning for 5 to 15 mins at dawn, under the warm, nourishing rays of the morning sun.
  • The morning sun is crucial for this practice as their rays have medicinal, healing value to both body and mind.

When we ourselves are balanced and self-aware, we are better equipped to handle relationships with other spirits. Since each individual is on their own personal journey, we must always and only be a source of positivity, goodness, happiness and support in their paths.

Each person in our lives is different, they impact us differently and bring out a different side of us. Of these many bonds, the one between partners is the most exciting and equally delicate. It is the only family we choose rather than inherit, hence it is a huge reflection of our ideals, our emotions, our thoughts, our happiness and so much more. There may be trying times in every relationship and meditation is a great way to help two people find their way back to their shared path.  Practice this joint meditation technique to help strengthen your bond and better understand each other.

  • Sit down in any mutually comfortable posture with your backs to each other.
  • Ensure that your spines are both in contact with each other in such a way that you both lean on the other. This physical act hints at the mind that you are each other’s strength and support.
  • Place the back of your palms over your knees and close your eyes.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply. Be mindful of each other’s presence and each other’s breath.
  • Empty your mind of all thoughts and focus simply on your breath.
  • Practice this regularly to build your appreciation for each other’s impact on your lives and to strengthen your bond and love for each other.

Meditation is a beautiful way to self-reflect and brings out the best in oneself. It allows us to pause and take a step back from any situation. With the clarity of mind, thoughts and emotions, we will genuinely make the best-informed decision that will ensure a wonderful life for ourselves and the people we share it with.

In medicine, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. The same principle applies to relationships as well. If we nurture them, cherish them and allow them to grow with our efforts on a daily basis, then we will surely come out stronger, together during any crisis. Always ensure to be surrounded by positive and like-minded individuals who help, support and adore you despite the situation. We are a reflection of those in whose company we grow. Begin by creating the right relationships and maintaining them will not only be easy but an absolute joy.

Inputs by Grand Master Akshar, an internationally acclaimed yoga master, spiritual guide, lifestyle coach, and a yoga entrepreneur

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