Meet the father-daughter duo who are rocking the baking venture that promises heavenly eggless treats

Arun Choudhary, and Khushboo Chaudhary,

Fathers tend to be our compass while we navigate the vagaries of life, and some fathers are the guiding light to their children at work as well. But sometimes, children too can be a guiding light to their father at work. Arun Choudhary, and Khushboo Chaudhary, a father-daughter duo, show us that a dad can be a great partner at the workplace too. They decided to be ambitious and launched this home-bakery ‘Mr. Moustache’s Cakes’. Defying their own fields, Khushboo came up with this business considering her father’s passion for baking cakes at home on birthdays and anniversaries. While the father, Arun runs his own electronics store, the daughter, Khushboo has a background in fashion.

On the occasion of Father’s day, we got to know about this father-daughter duo and here are a few excerpts from the interview where  Khusboo talks about the bond with her father:

1. Tell us something about your relationship with your father as a co-founder?

My dad is a very shy and quiet type of person. He has given me a lot of liberty as a father. I had the freedom to make my own decisions. He is not like the typical dad.

On the work front, he is a little hesitant because he lacks professional experience in baking. As any father-daughter, we have differences in our opinions which lead to arguments, but we try to maintain the balance and not let it affect our work. Without a doubt, it is a different feeling to have your dad as the co-founder, who has my back no matter what and that gives me comfort and the confidence to be ambitious.

2. What gave you the idea to start Mr. Moustache’s Cakes? What motivated you?

Arun Choudhary, my father has an interest in baking and he never misses any opportunities to bake. Whether it was birthdays or anniversaries, he always had something delicious to deliver. On the other hand, I was inclined towards becoming big and popular, I want to stand on her feet and build an empire. I soon figured there was an opportunity waiting on my doorstep. While my dad runs his own electronics store, I have a background in fashion. One is on the verge of retirement and the other one is just starting off with her career This extraordinary duo is bound to make heads turn. We dreamt to challenge our backgrounds and came together as one front for this baking venture.

3. When did you realize that your relationship with your father was going to change? Did you start seeing him in a different way when you started to work for him?

I had never worked with my dad before. My field had been different than his, so we never really got into each other’s work.  I am a daddy’s girl; I am closer to him than to my mom. I share all my secrets with him, I totally confide in him.

But when it comes to work, I am the dominant one, so I instruct him for small to big things. Running a business is very new to me right now, so we are both figuring it out and learning in the process.

4. How do your employees view the dynamic between you and your dad?

We have a team of interns. But some of them know us personally so they know at an individual level, what my dad and I are good at.

5. What are the main concerns that women express when it comes to building a professional relationship with their fathers? What are the most common challenges?

Our personalities are completely opposite. He is a calm, sweet, and supportive dad, whereas I am a straightforward, energetic, and enthusiastic daughter. Sometimes the dad-daughter clash does come in, dealing with ego leads to conflicts but at the end of the day we end up resolving them. Can’t stay mad at each other for long.

Being the daughter sometimes, I feel like I can’t tell him what to do, but I have to work the business part, so I have to be bossy at times. My bossy nature does trigger my dad, it is evident sometimes, but I guess work is work! It is hard to maintain the balance between being a daughter and a co-founder as it does impact the personal relationship too.

6. What were the initial challenges that you have faced in your journey?

This is my first time running a business and my educational background is in fashion so handling all aspects of business can be challenging at times. Next, baking or even cooking, in general, has not been my forte as I rarely enter my kitchen. So, to understand the ingredients and how are they used was a task. Then my dad and I have a very loving relationship, and since Mr. Moustache’s Cakes, it transitioned to this serious bond, where we sit to work and get tangled between disagreements.

Dad has never had a partner before in his life. It was kind of hard for him to initially adjust with me. It was odd for him to see that someone else is taking decisions with besides him and that too his daughter. He still manages his own mobile store and the bakery, so sometimes the pressure of both the businesses get to him. He is slowly adapting to the social media world. I am slowly adapting to handle our finances. We are both improving and working on this day and night.

7. What are your future plans?

We don’t plan on opening an outlet. Our aim is to become one of the successful running cloud kitchen bakeries. We operate through our house and this is working great so far. In this close space, we are able to function properly. The satisfactory responses that we receive from our customers are what we work for, that is the best feeling ever and that’s when we know what is working towards and it is being valued and appreciated.

8.  Anything else that you would like to add?

We live in a joint family, so it includes my grandparents. They also want to enjoy desserts, so we had to do something keeping their dietary requirements and health in our minds. Which is why we decided to make eggless and sugarless teacakes, which they can eat and enjoy without hesitation.

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