My purpose is human empowerment and evolution, says Green Aura Holistic’s Founder, Kartik Naidu

A transpersonal trainer and therapist with profound experience in the subconscious and superconscious mind training, Kartik Naidu is the creator of the Mind Engineering program and the 4% technique course that has transformed countless lives. The author of the upcoming book ‘The 4%’, Kartik also happens to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Cognitive Therapy,  Regression Therapy, Past Life and Spiritual Regression.

Kartik founded Green Aura Holistic, a community-led by visionary trainers, who help individuals unfold their INFINITE potential within. They are a collective of enthusiasts whose objective is to accelerate human empowerment and evolution. He has developed several training programs which are psychological and scientific helping people to enhance their abilities, focus, performance and personality. These training incorporate immersive meditative experiences and transformational tools which do not only help individuals triumph over stressful situations easily but also help them excel in their career and business.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview where Kartik speaks about his journey with HelloPost Team:

Kartik Naidu, Founder, Green Aura Holistic

1. Tell us something about yourself. How did your spiritual journey start?

As far as I can remember, I must have been 7-8, since that age I would look up to the ceiling and wonder what was beyond the ceiling, and the floors, that wasn’t it, my curiosity for the unknown would extend beyond the skies and space. As fate would have it my curiosity was soon to find more encouragement. My parents were associated with an ashram and this guru there was highly majestic. He was a scientist at NASA before he got realised. This ashram was huge, I loved going there because they had a huge canteen and they sold amazing food and snacks at cost. I met many people there whom my parents met with great respect. I’d always hear people talk about meditation and initiation as a rebirth in a living body. Well, there you go again, my curiosity knew no bounds. So my father made me meet the master at the age of 12 and I asked him to initiate me, master suggested that I was not ready & needed another year. So next year around May -June I got initiated. It was a process for 8-10 hours. This was just the beginning, for years I trained under him until I met my guru who was a Himalayan yogi from the ancient Indian lineage.  Rest follows as we have in the profile.

2. What made you start Green Aura Holistic?

I started Green Aura Holistic with the vision to create a synergic force of transformation, a platform that would bring together experts from a diverse space of mind-body-spirit that makes their vast wisdom available for seekers on the path of realization and betterment with the opportunity to get connected with these experts.

3. How has been your entrepreneur journey so far?

Anyone who is a self-made entrepreneur will know this, it is not easy, you have too many obstacles to overcome the ones within you along with the external forces. You have to be meticulous and most importantly have courage.

I take every day as it comes and reminds me of my purpose all the time, this keeps me going.

4. As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?

Almost all the people in the world think life is happening outside, they are oblivious to the fact that all our experiences are within us, we receive the messages from the senses and interpret the answers reactions within us, that’s the process. I wish to educate people on how life happens to us and that’s all. My purpose is human empowerment and evolution and thus lead to a better world.

I have been touched by a deep and vast intense experience within which is majestic, and beyond anything pleasurable, this world can offer. My motives are to enable people to experience the same value to others. Serving the Parmatma I believe, is the only way to reach the Parmatma or the supreme.

5. What were the initial challenges that you have faced in your journey?

I had my share of apprehension while doing this work because I thought dealing with people’s problems is the toughest job in the world, so to get rid of those inner fears and jump into the problem world of people was initially challenging so I had to work really hard on allowing myself to be deeply connected with people at the same time be detached. The realization that one is separate from the others finally made me takes the leap.

6. What has been your biggest achievement in this journey?

Life in itself is an achievement. To answer you, I have seen numerous happy faces after going through my therapies; they have been my true achievements. The biggest achievement for me would be enlightenment which is yet to come as a grace of my guru!

7. What are your future plans?

For the next foreseeable future, I am going to work rigorously on creating a community of Spiritualists, Trainers & Coaches to help people be truly empowered and guide them on the various aspects of evolution.

8. Who is your role model?

I grew up looking up to the gurus and masters, so naturally they stand a role model to me. Although anyone who breaks the internal barriers with their beliefs and walks the path of self-empowerment is an inspiration to me.

9. How are you planning to set a benchmark among other industry players?

I believe in collaborations and not competition. I will try to do my job of empowering people to the best of my abilities and create synergy with peers to effect change.

10. Anything else that you would like to add?

I would like to say that we all have infinite potential amongst us; within us. The journey to becoming infinite may be challenging but as some great man said there are two mistakes one can make on this path. One is not beginning the journey and the other is not completing the journey.