Planning to visit a salon during COVID-19! Here are some precautions to avoid infection

Planning to visit a salon during COVID-19
Planning to visit a salon during COVID-19

Most of us have been waiting for this day! For the salons to open so that we can groom and pamper ourselves. But now that the lockdown is over and almost all salons have opened up their doors, we are still afraid to step out of the house because let’s admit it the rate of transmission and infection is now more than ever. So if you are planning to go to a salon whether to get a wax done or just to give a touch up to their roots, these are some things you should keep in mind to avoid all chances of contracting the infection.

Wear a mask and a body gear

You have heard it on the TV and every time you try to call someone, but this is the most important thing. Wear a breathable N – 95 masks with a filter. If you are choosing a fancy mask, make sure it is fully equipped to filter air and protect you and is not just for the sake of it. If possible, wear disposable coveralls because you will be required to come in contact with many surfaces. Make sure to carry your gloves as well.

Although most salons provide these, it is good to keep them handy at all times

Carry a sanitizer and a pocket surface disinfectant

While we all carry Sanitizer all the time, it is important you have a surface disinfectant too, most places disinfect the interiors. But there are little things as well, like door handles, lift buttons, cards, money etc. so make sure a surface disinfectant is always nearby

Make a salon checklist

Think about the salon you are visiting twice. Since salon services are personal, you should keep in mind that the salon that you are visiting is well equipped with new adaptive measures to ensure safety and avoid any chance of infection. Make sure the staff is checked and tested regularly and is protected by headgear, face mask, gloves and protective coveralls. Make sure they are using fresh packets each time for services and are not reusing hair sheets, towels, knives and strips. It is also important that they take the temperature and are documenting the details of anyone who is visiting the salon even for consultation. Acrylic screens separating stations is a definite must have. They should also disinfect properly at regular intervals.

Take a prior appointment

Make sure that you take a prior appointment. Not only you won’t have to wait but also it will avoid you coming in contact with anyone in the waiting area. Taking an appointment has become necessary not because of ease of comfort and as a time-saving measure but to avoid overcrowding at the salon and to keep up with social distancing norms effectively.

Carry your own towel

While many salons provide a separate disposable towel, you can carry your own towel. It will give you peace of mind and will also not add to the non-biodegradable waste since most disposable towels are thrown away after every use.

Take a bath and change your clothes

After you have come back from the salon. Don’t come in contact with anyone from your house. Head straight to the bathroom and take a warm soapy bath. Change your clothes and if possible, wash the clothes you wore with water and later in the washing machine. Drink some hot water and admire all the pampering you have just had.

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Inputs and directives provided by Danish Batra, Managing Director of Hair Masters Luxury Salon. Hair Masters Salon is a leading hi-end luxury salon that has established a reputation for redefining the paradigm of luxury and excellence in service amongst salons around the country.