‘I started Inkxpert with Rs. 5000 and now it values Rs. 10 crores’, says Inkxpert CEO, Akhilesh Panigrahi

Akhilesh Panigrahi
Akhilesh Panigrahi, CEO, Inkxpert

A masterclass marketing and sales professional with illustrious experience in go-to-market and sales strategy in both developed and emerging markets, Akhilesh Panigrahi is the CEO of Inkxpert, a marketing communications company that fosters value in businesses with quality content. He is an innovative thinker with extensive, broad-based expertise in leading and driving consumer businesses, brand portfolios with national and transnational scope.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview where Akhilesh speaks about his journey with HelloPost Team:

1. Tell us something about yourself and your company.

I am a marketing professional and Founder CEO of Inkxpert, Inc. Prior to launching Inkxpert, I have worked for 4 years with some top IT and Media companies like IBM, CMG, LinkedIn, and American Express. Inkxpert is a marketing communications company that fosters value in businesses with quality content. We cover a wide range of domains like technology, healthcare, automobile, sports, lifestyle, fashion, education, and travel

2. What inspired you to start Inkxpert?

The initiative to help growing start-ups in the IT, Telecom, and Software Development space with affordable content marketing strategies inspired me to start Inkxpert.

3. How has been your entrepreneur journey so far?

I started the company for INR 5000 from my hostel room at Symbiosis where I did my MBA. It has been a transformational journey for me, where I learnt about empathy to clients, setting up business processes, hiring the right candidates, and managing the finances. It has made a 360-degree impact on my career.

4. What were the initial challenges that you have faced in your journey? How did you overcome it?

The initial challenge that any founder faces is the risk of letting go of a permanent job. You have fears like – what will happen if we don’t have enough business? But in the end, it’s all worth it.

5. What has been your biggest achievement in this journey?

The current valuation of Inkxpert is at Rs.10 crores. Starting with meager capital, such a humongous valuation has been a great achievement for me. I am happy that I am able to help the rising start-up community in India with affordable marketing by providing them consultants from top MNCs in the world.

6. Did you raise any funding? If not, then are you eyeing to raise funding through Investor?

No, we have not yet raised any funding. Yes, we are eying to raise funding through investors in the media technology space.

7. How are you planning to set a benchmark among other Industry Players?

By establishing Inkxpert as the fastest-growing content marketing consultancy, we plan to simultaneously serve 100 clients through 100 consultants by March 2021.

8. Who inspires you?

The entrepreneurial stories of Jeff Bezos (Founder, Amazon) and Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple) inspire me.

9. What are your future plans?

We plan to expand to assign our freelance consultants across verticals of technology and finance so that our clients can save costs on in-house hiring.

10. As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?     

The drive to help our clients, designing effective marketing strategies for them is something that has always motivated me.