Trends that will come in & should go away in the new decade starting 2021

The second decade of the New Millennium is over. It’s a big turning point in our calendar and makes for a good time to review what trends have gone by, what’s in store for the new decade starting 2021 and trends that we can do without. Advertising is always in a constant state of flux, always first to adopt emerging trends and fast to discard them. The one big trend I foresee happening in the new decade is a return to video advertising and the re-emergence of the films department.

The Return Of The 30 Second TV Spot – But On Mobile

The attention span of audiences is constantly shrinking with more and more avenues for getting information and entertainment. Text is boring and the video is interesting. Video once killed the radio star, and now it may be poised to make a return to kill the digital star. It was bound to happen, as our tastes and fashions go back and forward through time. First, we liked the big web pages and hefty websites in the early 2000s, then came scrolling sites of the web 2.0. First, we liked reading text on Facebook and now we like seeing videos on Instagram and TikTok. Advertising follows the audience wherever they go. Viewing formats have frozen now and 4:3 is back again on the feeds in place of the widescreen 16:9 and 16:10 formats that got popular with the emergence of big-screen phones in the 2010s. Instagram and Facebook vertical screen viewing also has resulted in the return of 4:3 format. This time the 30-second spot is back with a vengeance, it’s digital, crisp and seen on handheld screens in amazing clarity. This time it will feature more shareworthy advertising, the sort of Viral video content we saw in the earlier 2000s, rather than the big-budget TV ads of yore.

All manners of clients will demand top tier video content from their agencies. And the agencies are going to hire all manners of video producers to fulfil this demand. There is going to be a huge growth in this field. YouTube has started its own Grammy-like awards called the YouTube Streamy Awards. That itself is a big signal that Internet video content is going to take over traditional TV production.

Some Win, Some Lose

With every new thing that comes in, something old disappears. Digital Analytics has caused a dip in the importance of TRP Analytics and this trend will continue in the years post 2021, just as digital streaming has caused “cord-cutting” of satellite-dish and set-top box connections.

Crowdsourcing started off well in the 2nd decade but did not thrive. Whether it will make a come back in the 3rd decade and take on or take over the advertising industry remains to be seen. But on paper, it is a potent idea, to take the power of the crowd and use it in an organised manner for churning ideas that traditional advertising agencies cannot compete with. Video crowdsourcing still thrives on many portals today and will grow further, as brands look to fill up their YouTube channels with content.

A big trend that is only slightly relatable to advertising at the moment is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology impacts all industries and can revolutionise ad delivery and performance evaluation too. It too will develop more and entrench into the advertising industry as we go further down the road. It’s a big trend to watch out for. It’s the new digital that will replace the old digital.

What Trends Should We Leave Behind

We should leave behind our over-reliance on Social Media posts and reduce the amount we post. Quality over quantity should be the mantra. We need to convey to clients that there is only so much a free medium can do. We have to have a healthy mix of online and offline media to get the message across. Just using Facebook and Instagram posting with the occasional boost will not do the job. For purposes of advertising, the Social Media Sites have ads managers that need to be better utilized. Social Media is a powerful tool and needs to be used better within the even more powerful digital ecosystem of all sites and services. More well-rounded brand building exercises need to be carried out covering all the avenues that the net and social media provide.

Traditional advertising agency structures need to change and adopt a more digital approach while retaining the creativity.  Agencies too large and too small will not thrive in the days to come and there is a need to balance the numbers and operational capabilities. ‘Digital First’ is now a complete certainty. We are well into the digital age of advertising.

I may be wrong, but I think Sponsored Content should be reduced. With all the Fake News trends that went by in the past year, people have begun to distrust what they see on social media more. And when someone provides content with the express declaration of it being sponsored by a brand, there is a trust deficit.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of HelloPost.)

Authored by Saurabh Pacheriwal, Co-founder of Gemius Design Studio