Tricks to keep your weight in check this Holi

Can diet really alter your health happiness?

The answer to this is a certain yes! One has to be thoughtful while eating if you love to be healthy and in shape. Festivals are a sweet delight we all know. However, too much of sweetness comes hand in hand with excessive calories which can hamper your body’s weight and health as well. As per the current lifestyle which we all follow and the work schedule which we are bound to follow it becomes a little tricky to keep body weight in control. So the best way to all this is mindful eating. This can only happen if you watch what and how much you eat. Food type, as well as its portion size, helps in counting your daily calorie intake. We all know very well that the intake of excessive calories than the required amount will only affect the happiness of our health.

Indian festivals like Holi in which sweet indulgence is a must with no escape formula, it becomes hard to avoid sweet as well as its cravings. Certainly, there is no fixed diet which can be followed during a festive season. Also, each person will have a different set of rules. Like for example a diet suggestion by our Grandma and a plan given by a gym instructor will match nowhere during these festivities. But it is an individual’s responsibility to kill those little sweet craving monsters jumping inside or to satisfy them with a little or optional indulgence. It has to be you and only you who can decide what and how much you are going to eat by following your ming or a heart. 

What are the basics of diet which need to be kept in mind during festivals?

Festive season diet is very essential and a beginning to the basics is by stocking the right type of food to munch on during celebrations. Getting your hands on the right ingredients is the best to watch your calories and keeping your diet healthy even amidst the celebrations.

You can choose to go nutty over the nuts since they contain healthy fats which can help your skin and hair without any further harming to weight. A handful of dry fruits like raisins, almonds, figs, pistachio, apricots, and cashews etc., are few healthy eating as well as gifting options during this Holi. Dried fruits can also be added to several home-made low-calorie sweets during the festival as well.

It is also important to avoid deep ghee indulgence along with white sugar and instead, switching over to sweets made from jaggery or dark chocolate with dry fruits will be a far better option. Sweets made from white flour, sugar, and ghee must be minimized to keep excessive calories at bay. Eating healthy as well as gifting healthy items must be a proper mantra this Holi.

Further spicing of healthy festivals can be done with savoury and sweet foods by adding cloves, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and black peppercorns etc. Besides giving a good flavour to foods these are enriched with several biological properties to help the health with several benefits. These are also readily available in our Indian kitchens as well.

Amongst, a shopping Holi spree snacking is important for health and it is a must to mind and watch what you choose to snack on. Go for healthy fruity salads seasoned with olive oil or honey or any other organic seasoning. Cook healthy recipes of desserts topped with fruits instead of white sugar.

Few tips for a healthy festive diet:

To keep yourself healthy and fit you can rely on the following tips:

•    Try to stick to your daily work out regime if you follow any. Because little more food indulgence with a break of workout regime can trigger a sudden weight put on. A short brisk walk in the morning or evening or jogging or even short sprints of running can be helpful if you do not have time to hit the gym.

•    Cooking fiesta during festivals is a stress buster for many. However, empty stomach cooking might result in snacking on each and every stuff your eyes get hold on. So to avoid this best is either to cook while you are not too hungry or keeping unhealthy snacks out of your easy reach in kitchen closets. Also while cooking always think of adding healthy sweetness like honey, jaggery, and even fresh fruits to go hand in hand with natural sweet flavours and festivals.

•    Grocery shopping during pre-festival preparations must be linked with some principles to follow. Like opting for only healthy foods to store and avoiding unhealthy stuff from the beginning.

•    Refrain from non-veg meals and opt for more natural vegetables and fruits in meals. Else opt a mantra to keep a balance between veg and non-veg diet with mindful diet instead of binging on non-veg entirely giving the festival a reason to yourself for overeating. Grilled vegetables or zucchini seasoned with your favourite olive oil, herbs, and spices will be another healthy option for a meal and to keep your festive touch in foods alive.

•    Always remember to stay hydrated and have plenty of water and other fluids. Our plans get hectic during festivals since we have to manage our work, travelling, shopping, and several other things at the same time. However, we must never forget our nutrition and health. Also, many times thirst is mistaken as hunger and hence we overeat and remain dehydrated. This might lead to temporary water imbalance and stress in the body. So go for more fluids this Holi while shopping and feel full.

This Holi go for whatever your taste buds relish for. However, be wise and choose the healthy options for your taste buds. Never fail to plan or plan to fail your diet. Because a healthy diet will only lead to a healthy you. Spare some little time for your own self this Holi to plan on what you are going to eat and what you are going to gift others. Motivate and pass the mantra of healthy you this Holi besides wishing and spreading prosperous and generous qualities and killing all the bad habits and thoughts. Let us all bring positivity home with health this Holi.

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