Value of Hugs

Hugging is one of the most common forms of greeting across the world. Irrespective of the culture, context, and relationships, this indicates familiarity, friendship and affection and also to a great extent love. Hugs tend to be underrated to a great extent, and these are an indication of support, comfort and also consolation. Hugs are not only effective in terms of the physical elements but also on a spiritual level as well.

On the spiritual front, hugs have a direct impact on the people and can directly influence the energies as well. The simple act of touching, or hugging, is a means for subtle energies to be exchanged among people. The thing with the spiritual value of hugs is that people are unable to perceive the effects as most of us do not have the sixth sense and ability to understand the energies that are being passed on.

Touch acts as a major enhancer for the transfer of spiritual energies up to one hundred per cent, as compared to greetings without any form of touch. Touch is one of the most effective forms of transferring energy. However, even staring into each other’s eyes can have a major impact and can initiate a flow of energies among people.

When people embrace each other, there is subtle friction is generated. This is mainly with their mental sheaths intersecting, which in turn leads to energies passing. Hence if there is even one person with negativity, then this is passed on to the other as well. Similarly, if two people are strong spiritually, there the effect of negative energies and distressing vibrations, although low, can still be generated.

One important thing that needs to be realized is that the need for touch is more on a psychological level and requirement and is not a spiritual requirement. Hugs clearly have both a positive as well as a negative impact on a person. Hence there are a few factors that need to be kept in mind at all times. It is best to reduce the number of hugs that we share with known people. Although this is almost impossible to cut out with loved ones, it is something that can be reduced with others. An effort from oneself and spiritual practice helps in the development of a stronger and protective sheath around us which helps us fight the possible negative spiritual effects that might come through the environment. It is also seen that negative energies can be reduced by regularly chanting the name of God, and this helps in overcoming any possible negative energy that a person with a negative mindset might bring along. Prayers are the key to all of these issues and can positively impact a person, while also ensuring that the negative energies do not affect the mind of the person.

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Inputs by Dr. Priya Kaul, Spiritual Life Coach & a Healer