Vocal for local signifies the pride for Indian brands, says Malay Dikshit

Malay Dikshit
Malay Dikshit, Founder of Piscium Health Sciences

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on the need for citizens to promote local businesses as they have suffered a lot due to the COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown. While PM Modi announced a financial package of Rs. 20 lakh crores to support businesses, he urged citizens across the country to support local businesses by campaigning for them. He appealed citizens to be ‘vocal for local’ in an attempt to boost Indian businesses. 

In lieu of the same, we got to talk to Mr. Malay Dikshit, Founder of Piscium Health Sciences about the significance of ‘Vocal for Local’ for the Indian startup ecosystem. Piscium Health Sciences is a DIPP Recognised startup, involved in medical & dental equipment innovation & manufacturing. It’s originally an Indian medical device startup but forayed into the hand sanitizer segment as an alternative approach in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview with Mr. Malay Dikshit:

  1. What does ‘Being Vocal for Local’ mean for Indian economy?

Go vocal for local resonates with a sense of pride not only for products made in India but for the entrepreneurs and established businesses who conceptualize, create, and commercialize products on Indian soil. Such companies now have the responsibility to up their ante and deliver world-class products to a consumer who is receptive to the ‘Made in India’ pitch more than ever before.

2. Will it not isolate India from the global economy?

India has a huge potential to become ‘Self-reliant’ that will integrate not isolate. The Indian economy has acquired strength in its various aspects. In fact, what will happen is quite the opposite of India isolating itself. It will compel our manufacturing ecosystem to deliver top-notch products worthy of exports and be part of the global supply chain more than ever before.

3. What is the significance of ‘Vocal for Local’ in the startup ecosystem? 

Vocal for local is not just about manufacturing in India but helping and creating an entire ecosystem which will help in creating world-class brands from India that represent innovation & trust. To achieve vocal for local, first, we need to look inwards for all the raw materials and then focus on R&D to create superior products just to give an example I  noticed there are hardly any ‘created and made in India’ dental devices.  We even import dental Bur either from Japan, China, or Europe. There was an opportunity here just waiting to be tapped and that was the genesis of Piscium Health Sciences. Extensive research and development involving a cross-functional team of nanotechnologists, machinists, academicians, and of course the IIT Bombay infrastructure, led us to launch nano-engineered dental burs which are much superior to their imported peers. And yes – They are created and made in India!  We will soon begin work on extending this technology to other Medical faculties and will even export our burs to developed countries.

4. How will you achieve ‘vocal for local’?

Vocal for local signifies the pride for Indian brands, It will be a wonderful visual cue like an emblem or a symbol which could be displayed on India born products. A unifying emblem when seen on the product which instills pride in the consumers and the manufacturer’s minds alike.

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