We want to contribute to the ‘Clean Beauty’ Movement, says Sublime Life’s Founder, Deep Lalavani

Deep Lalvani, Founder Sublime Life
Deep Lalvani, Founder, Sublime Life

Began a career as a marketing trainee with the Ador Group in 2002, and graduated with a master’s degree in Commerce at HR College, Mumbai and then an MBA from Manchester Business School, Deep Lalvani, founder Sublime Life and Chairperson of Ador’s Multiproducts Ltd. Sublime Life is built on pillars of sustainability and strives to make a positive impact on the environment with the little things they do. In 2016,  Deep Lalvani (Chairperson AMPL) a fourth-generation member of the group started 1908 E-Ventures to focus on creating private labels and develop strategic partnerships with international personal care brands. 1908 E-Ventures is also the parent company for Sublime Life.

Sublime Life began in 2019 with a focus to make sustainable beauty accessible to the Indian consumer and help them transition towards clean beauty. With over 35 brands and a growing number of exclusive products, the Sublime Life team and Deep Lalvani aims to make an evolutional change to how Indian’s look at skincare and cosmetics Sublime Life curated products that are effective, and toxin-free. Their brands include the carbon-neutral, Sukin from Australia to the sulfate-free, Cowshed from the UK to the very effective (no plastic) ampoules from Martiderm, Spain, apart from a host of indie and larger Indian brands as well. They have a wide range of products including men’s grooming, aromatherapy, and body treatment products on their website. 

Here are a few excerpts from the interview where Deep speaks about his journey with HelloPost Team:

  • Tell us something about yourself and your company.

In my initial stage, I started as a marketing trainee with the Ador Group in 2002, where I learnt operations across the Group’s welding business to the contract manufacturing division of AdorMultiproducts Ltd. Now, I am the fourth generation partner of the company and have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, strategy, and startup space. I have also founded 1908 E-Ventures Pvt Ltd, the company that houses and invests in Sublime Life.  I have additionally strategized the company into manufacturing of hand sanitizers, hygiene products, a children’s range of products, and a men’s grooming range named Booth & Berkeley.

From the beginning, I was sure that I wanted the company to be a strong brand in the women’s personal care and hygiene segment. That is when the idea of Sublime Life came into place; which is now owned by Ador Group’s youngest company, 1908 E Ventures Pvt Ltd. We handpick and identify partnerships with personal care, skincare and cosmetic brands from various parts of the world and India and help them launch in India. Sublime Life curates clean beauty, skincare, personal care, cosmetic and hygiene brands for men, women and kids and addresses a premium to luxury segment and customer base. The startup has exclusive partnerships with a number of brands including the carbon-neutral label, Sukin from Australia to the sulfate-free brand Cowshed from the UK, and no-plastic ampoules from Martiderm, Spain,

  • What inspired you to start Sublime Life?

Sublime Life was born after understanding the Indian eCommerce market and seeing the growth towards clean beauty. It involved a lot of brainstorming and strategy sessions to eureka moments amongst the team to reach where we are today… India’s clean and sustainable curator of beauty and skincare products!

  • How has been your entrepreneur journey so far?

Like every entrepreneur’s journey, it has been exciting, challenging, full of highs and lows, frustrating, satisfying…. It’s a roller coaster ride in every sense but every moment is worth it. The challenges I face will be unique to what challenges someone else might face and what success means to me will be different to what success means to anyone else. I do believe I am still at the beginning of the journey though so, so far I am still at the exciting phase of learning and growing.

  • What were the initial challenges that you have faced in your journey? How did you overcome it?

The challenges ranged from the timelines and barriers to register and bring a new brand to India to transitioning a legacy manufacturing company to a fast-paced digital world to blending and balancing these two worlds under a larger corporate umbrella.

  • What has been your biggest achievement in this journey?

At the earlier stage, Ador used to work with Unilever, Wipro, Himalaya and other FMCG brands. While my time there, I got the idea of building a separate company that focused on personal care and hygiene products. That is how Sublime Life and Be The Solution were born. The essential philosophy of the brand is to bring about change in whatever small way we can to improve hygiene and personal care segment in India. Now AdorMultiproducts (AMPL) has transitioned to focus from a legacy business to focus on contract manufacturing and pioneering skincare in India, especially in the clean beauty space. We even started 1908 E-Ventures to focus on creating private labels and develop strategic partnerships with international personal care brands. Over the last twenty-four months, the company has made considerable investments and re-aligned to focus on – contract manufacturing, brand partnerships, brand investments, own brand development, eCommerce Distribution.

Hopefully, the bigger achievements are yet to come but the direction we are taking towards building impact and an unmatched offering in the clean and sustainable beauty space for the Indian consumer is what I look forward to building.

  • Did you raise any funding? If not, then are you eyeing to raise funding through Investor  

We have raised a small round of funding from a few strategic investors in the market. Under AMPL we will infuse the funds into our eCommerce venture Sublime Life – India’s first clean beauty curator to further the company’s domestic and international expansion, as well as have the option to further increase its stake in the years ahead. The company will also use the investments to grow its reach in the hand sanitizer segment through b2b and d2c channels. We would raise further funds to grow this exponentially in the coming years.

  • How are you planning to set a benchmark among other Industry Players?

We want to contribute to the ‘Clean Beauty’ Movement by taking strong steps towards sustainability and a greener environment. Not only is our delivery promise plastic-free and recyclable, but the brands we pick are also conscious, cruelty-free and safe, for you and for the planet. All forms of plastic have been eliminated from Sublime’s delivery Packaging. One of our initiatives is, in fact, a seed paper where we encourage each of our customers to plant a seed paper that we send out with each delivery. It is time to make conscious decisions to give back to the planet.

  • Who inspires you?

I think there is a lot to learn from and get inspired by a number of people. Each person has something to teach and that is an inspiration in itself. So I can’t single out a person but I can say that a number of people have impacted me positively from my parents and sister to my teachers to my friends to my business partners, to my team and colleagues, to various leaders in business, sport, entertainment, education and more.

  • What are your future plans?

The company currently is focused on building the eCommerce platform. We are building an eco-system for clean beauty brands in India. As Sublime Life, being the retail destination, we hope to grow this with strong pillars of sustainability, brand partnerships and more.

  • As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?     

The opportunity to create something unique, make a difference and positively impact lives and livelihoods around us.