Why so serious?

Why so serious?
Why so serious?

Everybody often finds themselves stuck at some point in their lives. You might have been on a stage where the monotony of life encapsulates to an extent where you don’t even think about being happy anymore, the very thought of it is nowhere to be found.  I know there are a number of responsibilities which everybody, including me, carries and amidst all that, we often forget what being happy feels like. All of you would be thinking if being happy is really that hard? Fortunately, the answer is no!

There is no rocket science behind being happy. It is actually one of the easiest things to be out of all! The first step before doing anything is to choose to be happy. All of us know that life is too short to wait for things to happen by themselves. It is you who should choose whichever way you want to take. When you have the intention of being happy, you yourself will radiate positivity. Positivity is one of the key elements of being happy. In fact, surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thoughts is a great idea, to begin with. It is also essential to understand that you are the bearer of your own happiness and you have to decide in favour of it. Nobody can take upon themselves to make you happy but they can just add little things to your own bag of happiness. It is vital to not discard reality in this process or deny problems. Your happiness meter will increase or decrease based on how you handle those situations. Optimism will help you in finding a way out of all the problems.

I will give you a little example from my own life. Dancing brings me immense happiness. I trained as a Zumba instructor and I found my happiness there. It is all about finding what gives you joy and following that. For me it is dancing, for you, it can be anything else. It need not be something like this; very little things like gardening can bring you happiness. Taking up a hobby is always a great option. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. That need not be very productive or work like, even the simplest things which make you happy become of immense importance. One theory I have always believed in is that the more you share your happiness with people and the more you make others smile, your own happiness will multiply. I have been a witness to this. A girl once came to me saying that she smiled after a very long time after a session, which made me very happy. It moved me; I decided that I will move further on the path of spreading happiness. I soon became an ICC certified coach and a Happiness coach from Happiness Studies Academy. I found my happiness in showing people their own paths of joy. It is a moment of immense happiness when someone comes to me and tells me that they feel better. I am able to gift people happiness which, in itself, is the greatest gift to me.

You always need to remember that some things don’t just happen on their own. You have to be the starting point and be easy on yourself. Don’t make being happy a task. Viewing it in that way will just increase your burden. Just give it a little push and I’m sure it will come to you on its own. As soon as you relieve yourself from unnecessary stress, faster the path to happiness will open. A very simple thing you can do to make the most of each good moment and capture that true happiness is to live in that moment. Digressions and distractions constantly cause us to miss out on the details and remember that even the minutest details and gestures can bring a smile on your face. Accept the fact that yesterday has passed and tomorrow is yet to come. Be in the present and enjoy every moment that you have. Life has given us a lot to be happy about and we have got to focus on it. Yes, bitter moments enhance the coming happiness. Remember to learn from them and not hang on to them. Ask yourself the importance of those lessons today and seize the day!

My last advice to you would be about expressing gratitude. Be grateful for who you are and what you can feel. Saying thanks once in a while will definitely provide you with relief and give you happiness. Life can be tough at moments but you should remember that it will pass. Most of all, don’t forget to smile!

This article has been contributed by Anshula Verma, a trained Zumba instructor and founder of HappyFitYou- an initiative to bring happiness and fitness to people’s lives

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