Your guide to gifting: The fitness edition


New Delhi: This gifting season, go thoughtful with Boldfit! Boldfit brings you a  wide range of fitness gears, accessories and nutritional supplements, it’s literally your one-stop fitness shop and everything is so functionally handcrafted that it can be a great gifting option, especially for those who are into fitness, gym enthusiasts or simply for someone who is looking to take their wellness a notch higher! 

With Christmas, new year and the wedding season just around the corner, choosing a gift that is both thoughtful and tasteful can be a task, so if you are looking for some gifting inspiration, Boldfit is the way to do it in style! Whether you are celebrating your birthday or your loved ones or any other occasion, these gifting ideas from Boldfit are sure to help set up a thoughtful celebration for anyone who receives it. Whether you want to gift it to a fitness enthusiast or you want to imbibe the zeal to stay fit, these will be simply perfect.

Boldfit was started in Bangalore and has successfully delivered more than 2 lakhs products across the country. Here are some star products that can wow anyone!  

Boldfit Yoga mat (Unisex) – Priced at Rs. 1990/-

Can it be more perfect? All those yogi friends of yours will surely love this one. Made from sturdy and grounding material that is firm yet soft and cushioned to provide you with maximum comfort and ease. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of colours and designs available. Not to forget that it is also super affordable and lasts for a long while which means every time for loved one would practice their asanas, they are gonna think of you. 

 Super Women Whey Protein – Priced at Rs. 1390/-

This Keto-friendly delight makes for the perfect gift for all the superwomen. This protein shake is loaded with the goodness of shatavari, tulsi, flax seeds, biotin, curcumin, papain, bromelain, green tea extract, grape seed extract, cinnamon extract, iron and zinc making it the OG concoction for boosting health. It aids in weight loss and also supplements the growth of hair and nails. 

Gallon Water Bottle for Gym – Priced at Rs. 1090/-

Getting that water in and staying hydrated can solve so many of your problems! And a chic and classy water bottle also makes for just the right gift. Whether you want to carry it to the gym(because it is carefully designed making it very portative ), or just wanna carry it with you around the house or simply just keep on your workstation, this is hands down the simplest yet the most useful gift. Made from quality assured high-grade material and available in various colours, you can definitely consider giving your pal a quirky yet statement water bottle. 

Boldfit gym shaker – Priced at Rs. 499/-

Sleek, stylish and functional, perfect for people who are always on the go! Wanna blend protein shakes, smoothies, juices or wanna fix up a pre-workout supplement, it’s an ideal choice because it has a leakproof design and is super easy to clean and maintain. Carry it with you to your fitness haven aka gym or keep it in your bag, the sturdy style of this shaker will have you hooked! Did we tell you it also has a tornado blender inbuilt? 

Boldfit Immunity Multi Greens Effervescent tablets – Priced at Rs. 250/-

Enriched with the goodness of Spirulina, Kale, Moringa, Blueberry, Raspberry and other super greens and superfoods, this is a gift most fitting not only for a fitness enthusiast but also for someone who is looking to get healthy. This pack of immunity-boosting tablets comes packed in a sleek circular container and is a healthy alternative to gifting chocolates or cookies. Not only does it help in removing all the toxins from your body, it also improves your general well being. 

Boldfit N95 Mask – Priced at Rs. 699/-

Gifting a pack of 5 N95 medically certified and approved masks, unlike popular belief can actually turn out to be conscious and thoughtful gifting option. The gift says you care perfectly. Each mask is made  with soft breathable fabric and equipped with 5 layer protection 

 Boldfit Vitamin C with Zinc chewable tablets – Priced at Rs. 188/-

A sweet tangy taste that lingers on your tastebuds and also provides the needed of a dose of Vitamin C. Do you know, Vitamin C is lost every day from our body since it’s water-soluble and it should be consumed every day? It is directly related to boosting immunity and makes a befitting gift for 2020.